December 7, 2008 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  The Putin Economy, Sinking into the Mire

(2)  EDITORIAL:  The Russian Stock Market Speaking in Tongues

(3)  Russia’s Unemployment Crisis

(4)  Russia’s Real Enemies

(5)  Sokolov Speaks

(6)  Horsepower for Gazprom

(7)  The Sunday Funnies

NOTE:  In another big step, Oleg Kozlovsky has broken into the ultra-blogosphere and is now writing a regular column on Russia for the Huffington Post.  His first installment is about the Politkovskaya trial.  Way to go, Oleg!

One response to “December 7, 2008 — Contents

  1. Kozlovsky has sold out to the liberal wingbats at Huffington? Sad, sad. Kim, I miss your attacks on Obama and the Dems. What happened to you?


    The faults in your reasoning are almost too numerous to list, but we will try.

    Given the manner in which George Bush has betrayed basic American values by calling Putin someone we can trust and grossly botching our Russia policy for eight years, HuffPo can hardly do any worse.

    HuffPo has a vast audience, and Oleg needs to reach it. He needs funds and other support, and his article is a stern attack on Putin’s Russia. He would be insane not to accept their offer.

    We’ve attacked Obama repeatedly, you’ve not been paying attention. However, we’ve also given him the grace period he’s entitled to. Let him set one toe out line, and he’ll be toast rest assured.

    We have good relations with Oleg. If you can get him a gig with a major conservative blog, we’ll be happy to talk him into switching. But the offers have not come in. We contacted the Heritage Foundation to see if they’d host him when he was in Washinginton, and they didn’t even answer, nor have any conservatives in Congress reached out to Kozlovsky to support him. Maybe you should be writing letters to those folks rather than us.

    Not to say conservatives haven’t supported him. He’s been welcomed by AEI and we expect a major piece on him from the Weekly Standard soon. But he needs all the help he can get, especially given the fact that Republicans no longer have any hold on the corridors of power in DC.

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