Annals of Russian Racism

Below is a screen shot from the website of the Kremlin-sponsored propaganda network known as Russia Today, dated November 28th.  It says that a representative of the Ukrainian Chess Federation had a chess trophy he was carrying in his luggage stolen during baggage handling at an airport.  When queried, the airport security director blamed Georgian thieves, according to Russia Today:  “Going into the the things of our passengers is widespread among Georgians. We’re wrestling with this problem, but defeating evil that has been accumulating for many years is difficult.”


There’s just one problem. He had no reason to blame the Georgians, and didn’t.  The airport where the theft took place was in Kiev, Ukraine, and the representative was flying in from Germany.  According to the Other Russia, the security director didn’t say Georgians were the likely thieves, he said Ukrainian baggage handlers were. But the Russian word for baggage handlers — gruzchik — is similar to the Russian word for Georgians — gruzin — and therefore Russia Today translators had a wonderful opportunity for a Freudian slip, of which they took full advantage.

One response to “Annals of Russian Racism

  1. … So they made a mistake. Their overall quality isn’t awesome, but I like it because it covers so many aspects of Russia, from technological advancement to politics and other events.

    As for gruzchik and gruzin, I don’t think anyone could mix them up except perhaps if the translator was reading instead of listening.

    How this translates to Russia Racism, I have no idea. Although, there is a sadly large number of idiot skinhead neo-nazis in Russia..


    Mistake? Why don’t yo search throgh their site and see if you find any correction of a mistake. One man’s “mistake” is another man’s intentional racist lie.

    You have no idea perhaps because you, yourself, are a racist who has never spoken to a Georgian person about how they are treated by Slavic Russians — or anyone else from the Caucuses for tha matter.

    Maybe your tiny little pea brain could understand it better if Russia Today was the KKK and the mistake involved white/black people instead of baggage handlers/Georgians.

    Hitler’s Nazi press also had plenty of “aspects” on the Jews that other world press might not. But those who read it to get those “aspects” weren’t necessarily seeking erudition.

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