An Early Russian Christmas Carol: Oh Holy Stalin!

The lastest barbaric idiocy from the Russians is a contention that genocidal maniac Josef Stalin is no different for the them than Napoleon is for the French.  Did we miss something? Did Napoleon build gulags and wipe out a huge segment of the French population?  Are Russians proud of the fact that Stalin’s Russia, like Napoleon’s France, was totally obliterated? And why is it that the West is “irrelevant” to Russia whenever the West’s good points are at issue, but when Russia’s faults are being discussed suddenly what happens in the West is absolutely crucial? Is this national psychosis?  Paul Goble reports:

An Orthodox priest in a town near St. Petersburg has sparked controversy by putting up an icon showing the figure of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin, with some believers and Communists viewing this as simple justice and others as an indication that many Russians have lost any sense of proportion or truth. One of the most widely covered stories in the Russian Federation last week concerns not the actions of President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin or even the impact of the economic crisis but rather the decision of a priest to put up an icon portraying Stalin and the efforts of some to canonize him. The priest of St. Olga’s Church in Strel’na, Father Yevstafiy, recently put up an icon there to the Blessed Matrona of Moscow, on which Stalin was portrayed, without any of the attributes of sainthood but simply standing next to her. Thus, technically, it was not an icon of Stalin at all.

But that distinction was quickly lost. Yevstafiy’s own parishioners demanded he put the icon with Stalin in a less prominent place and stop referring to the late Soviet dictator in prayers – even though the Strel’na priest has a long history of provocative actions, including putting up another icon portraying a Russian soldier who died in Chechnya as a “new martyr.” His superiors in the Russian Orthodox Church denounced this action as “inappropriate.” And story after story on Russian television, the print media  and the Russian blogosphere played up the debate. In comments to “Novyye izvestiya,” Father Yevstafiy stood his ground. “The feeling that Stalin is the father of the peoples, that he is thus in part my high father has never left me in the course of my life. I thus have two fathers, besides the Heavenly Father: one is my father in the flesh and the other is the father of the peoples who was strict” and may “have made mistakes.” Any attacks on him are wrong and inappropriate the dissident priest continued, and he said that he “remembers Iosif Vissarionovich in all services where this is appropriate, especially on those days when he died, was born and when he celebrated the common Victory of our people.” And he insisted that Stalin was “a believer.”

But at the same time, Yevstafiy was careful to specify that “this is not an icon glorifying Stalin. This is an image of. Matrona of Moscow. And Iosif Vissarionovich is one of those people whom she blessed. She blessed many people,” the priest said, including “a well-known architect and a well- known composer of those times. And Stalin too.” Spokesmen for the Moscow Patriarchate denounced this action but have taken no action against it, at least so far. The sharpest criticism of Yevstafiy’s pretentions came from the pastor of Moscow’s Church of the Tsar Martyr Nicholas, who said that the appearance of icons showing Stalin was “a terrible sign, an indication that people have completely lost a sense of truth.” The appearance of the icon showing the late Soviet dictator comes as some Russians are seeking his canonization by the Church. Among them are believers who agree with Yevstafiy and also some communists, who although themselves atheists, believe that the Soviet leader deserves this mark of respect.

Sergey Malinkovich, the leader of the Communists of Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast, said that he would not deny that “the majority of the members of our organization are atheists, but there are believers and Orthodox too, [and] we try to respect their attitudes” in the work of the party. “Those priests with whom we have spoken say that the figure of Stalin enjoys great respect among their parishioners. Therefore we too have begun now to speak about his canonization and about the creation of icons on which he is portrayed.” He added that in short order, 10,000 of them would be printed to give to those who already see Stalin as “holy.”

“For the Church, Lenin was a communist,” he continued, “but Stalin was a genuine national leader.” And “for us, he is approximately the same as Napoleon is for France.” Thus, he has already for a long time been “canonized in the popular consciousness.” Now all that needs to be done is to take care of “the formalities.”

5 responses to “An Early Russian Christmas Carol: Oh Holy Stalin!

  1. As a Russian Orthodox Christian myself, I am painfully aware of the official “Moscow Patriarchy’s” total subservience to/control by the neo-soviet KGB/FSB thugs, who run Russia today This situation was founded by dear Joseph Stalin in 1943, when he founded his pseudo-Russian Church, in order to better control the masses….untill, later on, he and his communist cronies could 100% wipe out all religion. “Patriarch Sergius” was instrumental in submitting the Russian Church to serve the Kremlin, hense his polluted/disgraced name is now used by free-Russians, to describe this tortured enslavement of religion in Russia, to outside/manipulative powers-thus subverting the Gospel of Christ….under, debased & vile gansters, the Putin outfit. This arrangement we call: “Sergianism”.
    Reader Daniel Everiss in Oregon USA

  2. Correct me if I’m wrong but the prevailing Judeo-Christian ethic of “Thou shalt not kill” still stands, right?


    Probably the perversion that is today’s so-called “Russian orthodoxy” frowns on anything connected to a “judeo” concept. Those concepts also probably ban the worship of Stalin even if he’d killed nobody because of his other barbarisms and lack of being a deity, but this does not inhibit Russia in the least.


    It’s in french my dear Kim Ziegfeld and if this ” Weltanschaung ” of Russian orthodoxy shocks you , it’s the way most Russians ( Russkii ), those who don’t write on Russophobic blogs , see their religion : A kind of ” state shintoism ” .
    Russians must be proud of their political and military chiefs since Alexander Nevsky who manage to preserve this UNIQUE nation from the ” blessing of the Romanity ” .

  4. Why don’t you inform that the ‘icon’ was taken off according to the parish’s demand, the priest lost his office and his attitude was officially proclaimed ‘sectarian’s’?


    Why don’t you post a link if you believe that is the case. Did the removal of Hitler’s troops from Russia mean that Russians were no longer offended by their invasion?

  5. dear mr zeagfeld i am russian and i can say what russia changes now and unfortunatly for your sponsor Mr. USA ..the changing rates are under Putin’s leadership are much more better as even before))

    bue bue and i will hope what in the soon your USA sponsor will short of money.. everyone should pay a bill))

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