EDITORIAL: A New Low in the Annals of Russian Barbarism


A New Low in the Annals of Russian Barbarism

If we told you that a certain Russian was announcing a prediction that the United States of America would experience a total economic collapse and within the next six months break apart into a half dozen separate new countries, ceding world leadership to Russia and China, and that when this occurred Russia would seize back the state of Alaska, which in fact America only held by lease interest anyway, we bet that you, seasoned Russia watcher that you are, would have no trouble guessing that Russian’s identity.

Vladimir Zhirinovksy, you’d say. There he goes again!

But you’d be wrong.  Oh, so very wrong.

In fact, the person making this announcement was not Zhirinovsky or any similarly infamous Russian psychopath, but quite the opposite:   On the pages of the Kremlin mouthpiece Izvestia newspaper, it was Igor Panarin, a PhD in political science and a professor at the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who made the claims.

That’s right, a professor. And not just any professor, but one employed directly by the Kremlin to train Russia’s future diplomats.

Quoth Panarin:  “The dollar isn’t secured by anything. The country’s foreign debt has grown like an avalanche; this is a pyramid, which has to collapse.  When spring comes, it will be clear that there are no miracles.”

A poignant story ran on the Russian wire last week about a man who was killed by his pet Alsatian dog just before taking him out for a walk.  As an analogy to Russian society, the roles of either party in that sad transaction might be played by the Russian state or the Russian people.  The people have created a monster that may strike them down at any moment, and so has the regime.  Just as in Soviet times, Russia’s “schools” are full of myopic, ignorant propagandists, educated by the Soviet regime, bitter and ridiculously low wages and pandemic corruption, and totally unable to give Russian students anything remotely like illumination as the real workings of the world.

Vladimir Putin himself was educated by the Panarins of the country, and so was Dima Medvedev.  Indeed, Panarin was only aping the words of Putin himself, who recently declared:  “There is no question that the age of American power is finished.  The time when they were a model of democracy, and a leader of the world, is over.”  He and Medvedev were “elected” by others educated by Panarins, the whole country is built upon such individuals, just as the USSR was.  Because of this fact, the USSR toppled and collapsed of its own pathetic, wretched incompetence and barbaric ignorance.

Russia, sad to say, will do the same.


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