The Horror of Russian Barbarism, Unbound

Oleg Kozlovsky’s blog tells us that United Russia recently added the following graphic to the their website, then after an outcry in the Russian blogosphere removed it. Check out the parking lot area in the left middle of the large circle in the center, then click the image or the jump to see it larger.  But first, gird your loins, and remember: This is the official party of power in Russia, and this is their official website.

United Russia's new website

The website of United Russia, party of power

What you see is the following image:

Russian patriotism on display

Russian patriotism on display

That’s right, OMON riot police pointing their weapons at civilian protesters behind the barricades and opening fire, with several protesters slumped over the barricades after being hit. As Oleg points out, in an additional outrage, this is not an original image but a stolen one.

One response to “The Horror of Russian Barbarism, Unbound

  1. At least Batman is in the corner to bring order.

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