La Russophobe Wants to Know

Barack Obama has announced the intention to retain the Republican Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, in the new administration.  Gates has been tough on Russia and strongly advocated missile defense.  Leftist wackos, like William Greider of The Nation magazine, are peeved.  Is this a good sign that Obama will not betray democracy where Russia is concerned? We’d like your opinion.

13 responses to “La Russophobe Wants to Know

  1. Folks, he won’t fold! He won’t even be weak. Putin won’t let him! Unlike Brezhnev who needed and enjoyed weak Carter (think Afganistan, Nicaragua, Zimbabwe), current Russia needs adversary US. What was the first speech that Medvedev made after the election? Something about the missiles in Kaliningrad, wasn’t it? Little poking in the eye never hurts!

  2. agree

  3. Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee that is American Politics to me. Obama promised change, but he’s only recycled a bunch of old hacks for you and me.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  4. Obama made it perfectly clear early on that he thinks missile defense, and even nuclear weapons, are not needed by the US. Only recently has he equivocated on this message; it’s not a change of heart, it’s subterfuge. He’s a leftist who will weaken the United States in every way (militarily, economically, socially) while at the same time encouraging our enemies and expanding state control of the lives of Americans at the same time as he drives us into the poorhouse.

    It is historic that America has at last elected a black President for the first time. But we’ll have to wait at least until the second black President, if we wish to see a black President who won’t be a complete disaster. God send that America lasts that long.

  5. Felix, You don’t even have the right generation, much less the right era. If anyone listens to you, I sincerely regret that they have not corrected you.

    It is obvious that Obama wants to ride on Kennedy’s coattails, but to who’s detriment?

    That’s what I want to know.

  6. Obama is no Ronald Reagan who going to call Putin’s Russia correctly an “evil empire”. Sorry, I don’t see it. I personally think Obama is an empty suit and totally out of his element. Hey, I could be wrong.

    Like all bullies the Russian regime feasts on ambiguity and appeasement. Right now they are helping Iran get their nuclear program up and running, meddling in SA and threatening their neighbors USSR style which Bush completely wimped out on. Obama’s team needs to at the start signal a policy change, we’ll see soon enough.

    Obama needs to immediately start leaning on the wimps in the EU to clean up their act in finding alternative energy sources. He needs to loudly denounce Russia’s human rights violations. Russia needs to be boxed back in as a rogue state instead of invited to economic summits. Since the dolts in Russia will most likely waste at least another generation on Putin containing their stupidity seems to me what the US should do. We do it with Hugo Chavez.

  7. seanquixote, care to explain what you are talking about? Otherwise it’s just an empty insult… Maybe nobody corrected me because there is nothing to correct? Maybe there is something to correct – but you didn’t correct either

  8. Felix, you make the leap from Putin, to Breznev, back to Putins’ Medvedev. Why are you asking me for clarification?

  9. After correcting the mistakes of the Carter administration, Afganistan is still in conflict, but the entire CIVILIZED world realized that that is not the subject on which to confront the US.

    Nicaragua was invaded by Non-natives, and forced to surrender their religion and beliefs. The Contras were a group of native citezens that rejected the belief that Fidel Castro was god. There is no other group that I support more.

    Zimbabwe, you’ve had your way with them. Just look at the results. Six figure inflation, one of the worst human rights records in modern history(I don’t want to leave out Cuba, Somalia, Haiti, Congo, North Korea, Vietnam, Burma well I hope you get the point).

  10. Sorry Felix, I left out a few Iran, Libya, Palistine?, Egypt. If all of these countries rejected your world view, Peace could be achieved in days rather than decades or even generations.

  11. Your infantile belief structure is petty at best, when you grow to be an adult, I hope your children will be more mature than you. If you don’t have any, the world will be better off.

  12. seanquixote, you obviously realize that your arguments don’t make sense – since you resort to some weird ad hominem attack in your last post.

    My point was pretty simple. Brezhnev benefited from weak and accommodating Carter administration; it allowed him to meddle in Afganistan (through invasion), Nicaragua (directly and through Cuban proxies) and Zimbabwe (directly and through Angolan proxies). Whereas Putin needs adversary US administration; therefore Medvedev poked in Obama’s eye with Iskander missiles.

    I don’t even see what your blabber has to do with this statement. At the very least, nothing that you say contradicts, let alone “corrects” this point of view. Next time you may want to read a little more carefully before you blast! Otherwise you come across as immature.

  13. Felix, I agree, next time I will read more closely. The vague post threw me off.

    I’m having trouble finding Russophiles on this site, so when I see someone that even looks like one, I want to argue.

    I will not make a habit of it.

    Best wishes.

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