November 26, 2008 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  The End of Political Parties in Putin’s Russia

(2)  EDITORIAL:  The Mutterings of a Russian Baboon

(3)  Pasko on Politkovskaya

(4)  Kasparov Challenges Obama

(5)  Russia and Ukraine, like Night and Day

(6)  Get this Straight:  Russia Humiliated Itself

(7)  Answering Russia on Kaliningrad

(8)  Russia’s National Queue Psychosis

NOTE:  Today and in our next issue, we offer two absolutely crucial pieces of analysis on the critical stage Russia is reaching in its “develpment,” a tipping point from which there may be no return. Today, the demise of political parties.  Next issue, the AIDS epidemic.

NOTE:  Robert Coalson, long one of the most essential voices on the outrages of neo-Soviet Russia, has teamed with seasoned Russia correspondent Brian Whitmore to put out a new blog over at Radio Free Europe called “The Power Vertical.”  It looks to be required reading.

2 responses to “November 26, 2008 — Contents

  1. You mention in one of the teasers that you are planning to translate Latynina’s article on Holodomor. I don’t know what you are going to use as a source, perhaps her talk show last Saturday. If you do – it would be great if you can also cover the 4 rules of Goebbels’ propaganda that she defined in the same show. She also shows how these rules are applicable in today’s Russia. In fact, some of the trolls on this board are excellent examples of the result!


    This is what we are using:

    But we will gladly take your link under advisement for future reference and pass it along to Dave Essel, who is doing the translating.

  2. Holodomor is certainly a very important topic.

    Here is more on sports humiliation.

    The St. Petersburg soccer team beat the Moscow soccer team.

    So the Moscow police beat up the captain of the St. Petersburg team – who is Ukrainian, and was a member of the Ukrainian World Cup team that made it to the final 16 in the last World Cup.

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