EDITORIAL: The Mutterings of a Russian Baboon


The Mutterings of a Russian Baboon

When Georgian forces moved into Ossetia to quiet rebel guns that were lobbing shells into Georgia proper, Russia accused those forces of murdering 2,000 Ossetian civilians and razing the city of Tskhinvali.  But it soon turned out these were brazen lies.  Less than 200 civilians perished, some perhaps at the hands of Russian weapons, and Tskhinvali received only very minor flesh wounds.

Now, the Russian government is asking us to believe that shots fired at the motorcade of Georgia President Mikheil Saakashvili and Polish President Lech Kaczynski as it passed near the Ossetian border did not come from the Ossetians who are now fully under Russian control.

To put it mildly, we don’t.

Does anyone have a banana?

Lavrov in monkey mode: Does anyone have a banana?

Just listen to the contradictory statements issued by Russian “Foreign Minister” Sergei Lavrov:  First, Lavrov claims “there was no shooting from our positions or from the position of the South Ossetia troops” and then he asserts it was a “provocation” in that “when the president is being invited for some celebration in Tbilisi and they put him in a car and take him to a different state, this is a true provocation.”

Make up your mind, Mr. Lavrov.  Did the Ossetians fire on the motorcade, but you claim it was OK because they were “provoked,” or did they hold their fire? If they held their fire, are you suggesting that the Georgians themselves fired on their own president and their Polish guest?

One sees childish gibberish like this emante only from Russian politicians.  Totally insulated from criticism of any kind either within or without the Russian administration, and totally cut off from the real flow of information, just as in Soviet times Russia’s so-called leaders are like the infamous Emeperor with his new clothes, simply embarrassing themselves and their country with their stupdity.

It is, of course, an insult to our intelligence that Mr. Lavrov would think we might believe he can say for sure whether a few rifle shots were fired in Ossetia at a given moment — and an even greater indignity that he would imagine we could believe he would tell the truth about it if he knew such shots had been fired.  Maybe even Lavrov himself is smart enough to understand that, and therefore he attempts to hedge his bet with talk about “provocation.”

But what would Lavrov say if Vladimir Putin’s motorcade, including the goon who runs Belarus, were fired upon near the Georgian border as Putin toured Russia’s new slave state of Ossetia? Would he say that Putin had provoked the Georgians and should rethink his policy?

We think not.  What we think is that Russia is revealing itself to be a nation governed by baboons who are no more capable of consistent human adult behavior than they are time travel.  Frenzied and desperate, just like the USSR was during its throes of doom, Russia issues ever more insane-sounding rhetoric in a pathetic attempt to cover its failure. Last week we reported on President Putin himself saying the was going to hang the President of Georgia “by the balls” and now Lavrov is matching his Supreme Leader jot for jot in terms of senile rhetoric.

The world must stand up to this clan of baboons and demand that they stand down.  If the world does not do so, it will deserve the suffering it receives when the clan runs amok, shrieking and wailing and using the civilized world for its toilet.

One response to “EDITORIAL: The Mutterings of a Russian Baboon

  1. According to Polish Satellite TV news they denied it and then confirmed it.

    ‘………then he asserts it was a “provocation” in that “when the president is being invited for some celebration in Tbilisi and they put him in a car and take him to a different state, this is a true provocation.”….’

    Get this! The inference here is that it is provocative for the Polish President to visit Georgia, make a visit to a checkpoint in Georgian territory (not South Ossetia.)

    What is being said here is that a foreigner is visiting and being provocative, so Russian troops (or those of S Ossetia that Russia in their role ‘peacekeepers.’ have not been restraining and supplying with arms ) were fully justified in firing shots on undisputed Georgian territory.

    Of course the fact that the Russians are foreigners there and have been actively provoking the situation for years doesn’t register on their non-thinking intellectual radar.

    Kaczynski is not very popular in Poland, and if he stands is highly unlikely to be re-elected.

    However that is solely the choice of the Polish people through the civilised use of ballot papers in a genine multi-party democracy. As opposed to being decided by Russian bullets fired by barbarians from a one party dictatorship masquerading as a democracy ie Russia.

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