EDITORIAL: Russian Workers, Once Again, Go Begging


Russian Workers, Once Again, Go Begging

Once again, Russian employers are stiffing Russian workers

Once again, Russian employers are stiffing Russian workers

Robert Amsterdamhas translated an article from the Russian press which discloses, as shown in the above chart, that the level of unpaid wages in Vladimir Putin’s Russia rose to the level of 4 billion rubles in November, up from 3 billion on October — a shocking increase of 33% in just one month. It has been steadily increasing since the August crisis began. 300,000 workers are affected by these arrearages, nearly half of them in the manufacturing sector, where economic growth has totally halted.  Each worker is owed on average more than 13,000 rubles — three weeks worth of full-time average wages — and this is just the data that the Kremlin is willing to admit.  The Wall Street Journal states that “economists say the real figures are likely to be higher” and quotes “a Moscow-based advertising executive said she hadn’t been paid her salary of 40,000 rubles a month since September” as stating:  “I keep going to work because I don’t want to lose all the money I’ve earned.  I’m hoping I might get paid before the New Year.”

When Russia’s financial crisis began, any number of malignant, scurrying Russophile cockroaches were quick to claim that a fall in the Russian stock market has no effect on on ordinary Russians.  Now, a few months later, even Russian “president” Dima Medvedev admits that was a lie, and any idiot can see the dire consequences that have befallen Putin’s Russia.  It is right back the same situation, where people work for free and property has no clear or reliable value, that it faced before Putin took power.  Only the accident of rising world oil prices hid reality for a short time, and the crazed policies of the Putin administration attacking the United States, whose demand for oil is the only arbiter of world prices, have now contributed to Russia’s perilous current position.

It’s time for the people of Russia, if they care about their children’s future (and it’s far from clear that they do) to step forward and demand that the KGB regime of Vladimir Putin step aside before it is too late, and Russia goes the way of the USSR.

One response to “EDITORIAL: Russian Workers, Once Again, Go Begging

  1. One other thing is implicit from all these arrearages:

    a Moscow-based advertising executive keep going to work because she doesn’t want to lose all the money she has earned

    Which means that if she stops going to work there is no chance in hell she will get money that she already earned. An American would say that she is throwing good money after the bad, but since there is no court system that can protect her, that’s the only hope she has!

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