November 12, 2008 — Contents


(1)  Another Original LR Translation:  Russia’s Rent-a-Mob Racket

(2)  EDITORIAL:  More Shameless Lies from Wired Magazine

(3)  Essel on Russian Patriotism

(4)  Kozlovsky on Freedom of Expression

(5)  EDITORIAL: Russia Scales new Heights on Failure Mountain

(6)  Annals of Russian Female Tennis Failure

2 responses to “November 12, 2008 — Contents

  1. at the moment I could only find this source in Estonian but I’m sure there will be more on this topic soon.

    Rough translation:

    “The North Atlantic Council affirmed the accreditation of the NATO cyberdefence centre located in Tallinn and starting from today there is an establishment with an international military organisation status in Estonia.

    In essence, this decision means that NATO will accept the activities of the cyber defence centre on the highest level and for the first time there is an international military organisation located (/based) in Estonia, the PR of the cyberdefence centre, Madis Müür, told He also said that usually only international military headquarters have this status. Müür said that the original plan was to receive the accreditation by the end of this year. “But after the accreditation visit they found that it could be awarded earlier than planned,” he said. Müür said that the accreditation committe that visited the cyberdefence centre checked everything starting from the infrastructure and ending with the personnel and there were no shortcomings found.”

    HA! Tallinn is located only 350 km or just under 220 miles from St. Petersburgh. They hit us with massive cyber attacks and less than 2 years later we have a NATO cyberdefence centre right under their noses. No big fuss like with the missile shield, but fast, clean and efficient. And, what’s more important: this will make Estonia (and, by association, Latvia and Lithuania) too prescious for NATO to abandon should Russia try what it did in Georgia. Cyber crimes and intelligence are becoming more and more important in the contemporary world so this centre will be absolutely vital for NATO. Plus, it will finally prove that it was a good idea after all to admit the tiny and potentially volatile Baltics.

  2. sorry, actually it’s 314 km and 195 miles accordingly. I’ts just 212 km/132 miles from the border with Russia.

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