Essel on Russian Patriotism

What Goes on in the Mind of an OMON Riot Cop

by Dave Essel

If a demonstrator is carrying it, it’s got to be wrong. Right?

Patriotism flowers in Putin's Russia

Patriotism flowers in KGB-ruled Russia

Sorry, mindless thug, but, surprised and approving as I am, you’re wrong from the point of view of your superiors!

Komsomolskaya Pravda reports that the police are now attempting to identify this guy so that he can be “severely punished”.

The photograph was taken during the Russian March on November 4th and, because it was fun, widely disseminated on Russia’s Live Journal.

Vladimir Pronin, chief of police for Moscow, responded to enquiries from Komsomolka that “no-one may desecrate the national flag, in particular representatives of the authorities.”

What a shame! It looked like the start of something good.

One response to “Essel on Russian Patriotism

  1. I seriously doubt that it was the actual national tri-color. Most likely one of those opposition groups who have their logo displayed on the tri-color, or some other logo.

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