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What can Russians do to Help Americans?

What Russia can do to Help America

Argumenty i Fakti

October 21, 2008

Translated from the Russian by Ekateriana Blinova (WorldMeetsUS.com)

Alexei Malashenko, a Scholar-in-Residence at the Carnegie Moscow Center, Vladimir Sergievsky, strategist for Russian Investment Company FINAM, and Yefim Rachevsky talk of what Russia might be able to do to help the United States.

The current political week began with a comical incident: Russia’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations received a letter signed by U.S. presidential candidate John McCain, with a request for financial assistance. In the letter, McCain appealed to Russian Ambassador Vitaliy Churkin for a rather modest sum to support his election campaign – from 5,000 to 35,000 dollars. McCain himself, as well as representatives of his campaign, assured us that this was a result of a regrettable computer glitch; But the mere fact that America would ask Russia for financial aid is somewhat symbolic, especially given the backdrop of the global financial crisis. We asked our respondents in what ways Russia could help the United States:

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