October 29, 2008 — Contents


(1)  Essel on Neo-Soviet Disinformation

(2)  EDITORIAL:  Concealing Russian Failure in Ossetia

(3)  Exploding the Myth of Russian Power

(4)  Putin’s Russia and the Western Left

(5)  Luzhkov:  Nationalist Russian Lunatic

2 responses to “October 29, 2008 — Contents

  1. I think you are going to love this one! A bunch of rooshan idiots have denounced the new Bond girl as a “traitor to the USSR” and “immoral.” They claim that her movie role will lead to Crimean girls being raped by cruel and stupid American marines!!!!!!!?????

    They also claim that James Bond is “the killer of hundreds of Soviet people and their allies.”

    I guess in roosha a fictional character out of a book can actually kill people.

    Hmmmm – perhaps we can use books against Vlad Dracul Putin and Luzhkov and his sovok thugs!


    Congrats on passing the 500,000 milestone!

  2. elmer,

    that website denouncing Kurylenko is actually a satiric parody: it highlights the rooshan stupidity by taking the common attitudes and exaggerating them a little bit. There are a number of such websites, each with slightly different prospectives. To name a couple:

    http://pdrs.dp.ua/ – ridicules the soviet and putinist idiocy by pretending to assert the “proletariat hegemony” doctrine in various fiction pieces.


    primarily collects and ridicules real neo-soviet, imperialistic, Russian-Orthodox, etc. propaganda attacks, official and otherwise, against Ukraine and other former Soviet colonies.

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