October 26, 2008 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  The Russian Stock Market in Horrifying Freefall

(2)  EDITORIAL:  The Moscow Times, Asleep at the Switch

(3)  Russia, in Default

(4)  Soviet Crimes documented on the Silver Screen

(5)  Russia, Weaponizing Natural Gas

NOTE:  Oleg Kozlovsky comments on the award ceremonies in New York City on Friday over at his English-language blog, and promises photographs from the scene in the near future. He also details an impressive series of meetings he held in Washington with human rights organizations and U.S. government officials. We like to think this blog played a critical role in bringing Kozlovsky to prominence in the West, and are overjoyed to see him receive the recognition he deserves. Oleg has also established a new presence on Facebook (in English).  We encourage all our readers to drop by his blog and Facebook page and offers words of encouragement for his historic struggle against the dark forces of the Kremlin.

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