October 20, 2008 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  Neo-Communist Russia

(2)  EDITORIAL:  Georgia, Dominating Russia

(3)  Exposing Medvedev’s Anti-Corruption Scam

(4)  Exposing the Fraud of the Russian Stock Markets

(5)  Inflation out of Control in Putin’s Russia

(6) Kiselyov on the Russian Swamp

(7)  The British Council Whips Putin

NOTE: We feel we should apologize to the Russophilic minions of Vladimir Putin this morning.  The material we publish in today’s issue is just that devastating.  First, we document Putin’s humiliating failure in foreign policy at the hands of Britain and, most especially, Georgia. Then we show over and over how the Putin economy is coming apart — rapidly and spectacularly — at the seams.  Finally, we offer the words of a Russian pundit showing that, compared to Ukraine, Russia is a barbaric wasteland still lost in the darkness of the past. No intelligent person can read today’s issue and conclude Russians have any course of action open to them other than immediate regime change, as we point out in our editorials.  Putin is bad for the world, and bad for the people of Russia, as we’ve been saying from day one here at this blog.

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