EDITORIAL: Neo-Communist Russia

Back in the USSR

Back in the USSR


Neo-Communist Russia

Neo-Soviet Russia is rapidly taking on all the critical aspects of communism under the rule of Vladimir Putin, just as we’ve always said would happen as soon as the national economy began to founder on the shoals of reality.  All those Russophile pieces of filth who claimed Russia could “never go back” to communism have been proved to be the ridiculous liars they are, just as they were lying when they said Russia could never again embrace authoritarian dictatorship. 

Of course, if you look at it one way, the Russophile maggots were right:  It could easily be argued that Russia “never went back” to communism because it never left in the first place.  The proud KGB spy who rules the country knows only one way to live, so he is reconstructing it at breakneck speed, and the country has never been ruled by someone who wasn’t part of the Soviet apparatus.  So really what we are seeing now is just the illusion of democracy and capitalism being stripped away before our eyes.

The government is barging into the stock markets like a bull in a china shop, and snapping up all the nation’s vital equities, assuming a positon of ownership just like that of the USSR.  The capitalist market system has been obliterated, quite literally, as the stock market is simply shut down over and over whenever it doesn’t choose to behave as its neo-Soviet overlords in the Kremlin demand.

Last week the Moscow Times reported that the government was ordering oil companies to drop their prices on gasoline at the pump, as is happening in other countries as the price of crude oil plummets.  Igor Artemyev of the Federal Monopoly Service stated: “Oil companies can lower prices now, of their own free will, or they can do so after we initiate legal proceedings.”

But Russian oil companies aren’t like those in other countries. As Boris Nemtsov has shown, they have had their profits stripped away by massive government taxes and squandered on cold war politics rather than investment.  They simply can’t afford to pass on lower costs, and the Kremlins orders that they do so are fully communistic in nature and amount to economic suicide for the nation.

The “command and control” is being brought back just as in Soviet times, and the Soviet level of breathtaking failure is coming right along for the horrifying ride too.

The MT reported:

Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin warned last month that the 2009 federal budget would have a deficit if the country’s main export blend dropped below $70. The State Duma will consider the three-year budget in a key second reading Friday. Urals for delivery Nov. 8 was trading at $69.35 on Thursday evening, the lowest level in more than a year and a drop of 2.2 percent from a day earlier. Spot prices for the blend broke through the $70 mark Wednesday.

The decline in Russian oil stocks was led by No. 2 producer LUKoil, which finished down 16 percent. Its shares have lost more than 68 percent since May. Other major drops in the sector were registered by Gazprom Neft, which fell 17 percent, and regional producer Tatneft, which lost more than 20 percent. Gazprom saw its market capitalization fall below $100 billion for the first time in three years as its shares lost 14 percent. It was worth 2.48 trillion rubles ($94.3 billion) on the MICEX.

The Russian economy is under massive pressure from all sides. It has been exposed before the world, as we’ve always said, as the helpless slave of international market prices on crude oil, the Kremlin having totally failed to develop the real economy, preferring instead to fund a new cold war confrontation with the United States.  The more pressure Putin’s failure puts on the the standard of living, the more he will move towards authoritarian control of the the economy to keep the lid on his power.

This isn’t to begin to discuss, of course, the draconian crackdowns on civil society, including the mass media, which prevents Russians from learning the true facts about their government’s behavior and even denies them basic access to the Internet.  It doesn’t mention the sympbolism, such as Putin’s systemmatic and pathological rehabiliatation of Stalin and his revival of the Soviet national anthem, which played for Russia at the last Olympic games.  It doesn’t mention that fact that the Kremlin’s halls of power are full of KGB spies just like Putin, whose lives are totally dominated by communist gibberish.

Meanwhile, like the laughable sheep they are, the people of Russia continue to favor both Putin and his flunkie Dima Medevedev with 75% approval ratings or higher.  In any normal country, such levels of truly pathological failure would cause the population to reconsider its leadership — but just as in the communist USSR, it doesn’t happen in Russia.

15 responses to “EDITORIAL: Neo-Communist Russia

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  2. … Yeah… Do you know what communism is? It really doesn’t seem so. Russia isn’t socially or economically communistic. Yes, it’s dominated by a single entity, the Kremlin, but it’s also largely open to world, and that domination in no way communistic.


    Do you know how to read, you ape?

    We said NEO communist, and we said it is BECOMING so. If you can’t read our posts in good faith, don’t comment on them. It just makes you look like a baboon.

    Meanwhile, thanks for your thoughtful analysis and offer of data and source material. Really, very impressive.

  3. ^ Ditto what Anon said above.

    Confusing ‘Communist’ with ‘Soviet’ is one (very American-sounding) mistake.

    Confusing the present Kremlin demeanor with either word is inexcusable.


    We cite specific evidence to support our point. You cite none whatsoever. Your ludicrously empty statements are what is inexcusable.

    And what exactly do you mean by that term? That you’d like to liquidate us because we dare to violate your rules?

    Lots of people said we were wrong to talk about neo-Soviet Russia three years ago. Now that idea is conventional wisdom. We’ll be proved right about neo-Communism as well. Meanwhile, you can do nothing except blow smoke. Sad, really.

  4. J and Anon – you really intrigued me with your question! What *is* communism? Enlighten us…
    I hope I am not confusing Communism with Soviets; I am not confusing fascism with Nazism, either; and to top it all – I am not confusing gasoline with combustion engine. I wouldn’t brag about it – but you asked, so it must be important to you!

    I *may* be confusing the definition of communism given by Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Mao, and multiple other disciples who are confident that their definition of communism is The Real One. Is that equally inexcusable? I *did* get “excellent” in the subject of “scientific communism” – can I judge whether *your* definition of communism is excusable or not?

    So, pray tell – what is Communist gospel of Anon? (since J dittoed Anon, I am assuming that you are both preaching the same)

  5. J, when you are inside looking out, your view is very foggy. Socialism is the evolution of communism. When you make irresponsible decisions, you don’t correct them by making more irresponsible decisions.

    Anon, open to the world my ass, Russia still has multiple suitcase nukes that are unacouned for, most of them have not been maintained, so they will not go nuclear. They still have radioactive material that can be used for dirty bombs.

    After all this time, I thought socialism was the new “religion of peace.” Maybe I’m right.

  6. (British PM Gordon) Brown demands petrol price cuts http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/7662918.stm


    Are you suggesting that the British government is exercising the same type of control over British Society as the Kremlin? Can you be THAT much of total blockhead?

    Last time we checked, Britain had a real opposition party that could take power at any moment and one of the world’s most vibrant and critical press establishments. The British government wasn’t purchasing the whole British stock market (nor could it do so, too big and expensive) and it was not ruled by a proud secret police officer.

    Moreover, are you actually corrupt and insane enough to believe that two wrongs make a right? Does Russia’s invasion of Georgia justify an American invasion of Russia?

    Dude, you seriously need to have your head examined. Seriously.

  7. What ridiculous article! Get Communism from capitalists? Give me a break! Vladimir Putin himself is an anti-Communist. By your absurd account, Putin is gradually stripping Russia’s ruling class of its power, creating workers councils, and giving them control of where they work. Nothing could be better described as a pathetic heap of lies from someone who obviously knows so little. You don’t even know what Communism is. It is just a word which you were taught was bad and associated with anything Russian. All you’re proving with your “Putin’s neo-Soviet” rhetoric is how little you know about Putin and the Soviet Union. Your allegations of Putin reviving the Soviet Union are laughable. Hell, even your little darling John McCain agrees.

    “It’s very clear that Russian ambitions are to restore the old Russian Empire. Not the Soviet Union, but the Russian Empire.”
    –John McCain

    Now we “Russophiles” are going to be told that the Ku Klux Klan is the primary fighter for black rights in the South. If people like you are the only significant opposition to Vladimir Putin and his cronies, they’re not going anywhere anytime soon.

  8. Your ‘support’ from outside sources says nothing about Russia becoming communistic. Your ‘sources’ talk about the economic problems and how the government tries to control the market – that is, again, in no way communistic. Even the extreme, a command economy, can be available just as easily under fascism, the opposite of communism, as under communism or democracy.

    As for ‘reading in good faith’ please explain how I’ve offended you. I try to see your point, and I explain my views. I don’t supply obvious information (ex: Explain ‘the’, please), because if you know ANYTHING about Russia, which I’m hoping you do, you should know this. It’s a regulated-capitalistic economy. Pretty much the only regulated sectors are oil and, to a lesser extent, metals.

  9. Tbs, in the future, this will be looked upon as the start of Putin’s purges. He is trying to divert blame to the people that he sees as failures. If you are falling for it, I have no hope for you.

    You are basing your entire premise on american politics on the fact that John McCain is an american conservative.

    I thought you russians were so worldly.

  10. Soviet communism was nothing more than its own brand of fascism, a totalitarian and nationalist ideology.

    What else is Putin’s Russia today? Labels do not dispute reality.

    “a regulated-capitalistic economy” – Give your head a good shake.

    The practice and definition of regulation in Russia and the free world are antonyms, as are freedoms.

  11. now look… lets just all get along, each side needs to come to the table in good faith and lets listen to each other… uhh, errrr, uhhhh yeah, thats the ticket

  12. Tower Bolshevik

    For seanquixote:

    I’m not falling for anything. If you are one to believe that Putin is a Communist dedicated to bringing back the USSR, then it is you falling for ignorance. I look at Putin for what he is: a capitalist mobster bent on proving to the world that Russian imperialism can stand on its own two feet. My point is simple: to call capitalist Russia “Communist” signifies total stupidity.

  13. He is only a capitalist mobster in the sense that he is looking out for his own interests.

    My point is even simpler-To call a neo-communist country capitalist signifies total stupidity(your words).

  14. As an add on, he doesn’t even need to look out for himself or his monstrous wealth. He uses your money to pay for his bodyguards.

  15. … Yeah… Do you know what communism is?

    Do you?

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