LR Wants to Know

WordPress has added a feature that allows us to carry out reader polls. We are beta testing it.

5 responses to “LR Wants to Know

  1. Ok. Could you explain how mother russia is going to bail out Iceland? Inquiring minds want to know how the mafia fathers intend to splash the cash when the stock market keeps getting closed early.

  2. I voted to disband, I see government influence in international trade.

    Aside from regional sanctions, I see no reason for trade limitations.

  3. Unless of course you have tainted milk and lead in childrens toys.

    In that case I would recommend universal sanctions.

  4. So after 3 years of crusading, LR, you can still not convince people it would seem.


    So after three years of reading, you still cannot tell the truth, it would seem.

    Our trafic has increased dramatically so that now tens of thousands read us every month. We’ve been cited far and wide, from Little Green Footballs to the New York Review of Books. Our viewpoint has now become conventional wisdom, with the American presidential candidates vying with each other to see who can more fully embrace it.

    Your neo-Soviet denial of the these basic facts would be comical if it did not imply so much suffering for the people of Russia. We thank you, though, for giving us one more pathetic example our readers can gape at and the opportunity to toot our own horn.

    If we were so irrelevant, you’d hardly be writing so many comments on our blog, would you?! You really don’t think at all before you spew out your emotional nonsense. We pity you, as you watch neo-Soviet Russia, the land of your perverted dreams, slip beneath the sea once again.

  5. LaRussophobe,
    1)congratulations on the increase of your readers and your influence in mainstream politics! However you seem to avoid commenting on the utter failure this poll indicates on your behalf. The fact that 71% of those who voted disagree with booting Russia from the G7.
    2) Let me get this straight from what you’ve said: my neo-soviet denial of the fact you’re widely read and influential would be comical if it did not imply so much suffering for the people of Russia?
    3) I didn’t say you’re irrelevant. I disagree with you and I said you seem to have convinced few from the looks of this poll.
    4)”Emotional nonsense”? You’re always accusing me of rationalizing.


    Cathy dear, you are sick in the head and totally detached from reality. This poll is now old news, and the readership voted overwhelmingly to boot Russia out of the G-8, as you would have seen if you actually paid attention when it appeared. It is a BETA test, and we did not use any security to protect it because we want to to see how the hackers would respond, nor do we care about the results. This allowed a hacker to recently vote hundreds of times by himself in a pathetic effort to skew the results. As we clearly stated, we were just testing out the technology, not actually taking a real survey. You didn’t mention anything about the poll in your comment, you pathetic idiot, you spoken in general terms about our blog so we responded in general terms. And now that we’ve disproven your “point” you try to change the subject to a totally dishonest and ridiculous one. How neo-Soviet of you! Please don’t comment on our blog if you’re actually going to follow what’s happening here.

    Get this straight: You are rationalizing failure in Russia rather than seeking to reform it. That has always been the cause of the suffering of the Russian people, and you are continuing it.

    You DID say we are irrelevant, because you said that nobody agrees with us. That’s simply nonsense, and a boldfaced lie. If you admit that many, many people agree with us, BECAUSE of us, then the whole point of your original comment turns to rubbish.

    Read a dictionary, dear. “Rationalizing” as used here means attempting to give a reasonable explanation for outrageous conduct, something that is done only for knee-jerk emotional reasons — i.e., nationalist propaganda. Your attempt to play silly word games bespeaks your total inability to carry on a substantive discussion.

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