The Kremlin’s Jackboots, Marching

A young woman holds a sign which says that a march against the military draft should have occurred on that spot on that day

It started out like this: A young woman holds a sign which says that a march against the military draft should have occurred on that spot on that day

Oborona reports (staff translation, corrections welcome):

On October 12th in St. Petersburg’s Victory Park Oborona activists Maria Govorova and Daria Kostromina were arrested for standing with signs protesting the cancellation of a protest march against the military draft.

Soon, the defenseless woman is surrounded by Putin's burly goons

Soon, the defenseless woman is surrounded by Putin stormtroopers

Several dozen OMON stormtroopers were waiting for the protesters when they arrived at the Park, and as soon as they began handing out leaflets calling for an all-volunteer army they were arrested, even though they were careful to maintain a distance of at least 20 meters from each other so as to quqlify as solitary picketers who have no need of a permit. Plainclothes officers recorded the activity on videotape. The arresting officers refused to provide their names and positions upon request, one of them stating he “did not feel well enough” to do so.

And hauled off to prison, where God only knows what may happen to her.

And hauled off to prison, where God only knows what may happen to her.

8 responses to “The Kremlin’s Jackboots, Marching


  2. Well done! Those activists aren’t good patriots.


    Are you so sure that, tomorrow, YOU will fit that definition? Many in Stalin’s time who informed on their neighbors thought so too, until they heard that fateful knock on their own front door.

  3. Hi. Why are they doing this? And why do they look soviet?


    They are doing this because they are evil servants of a malignant dictatorship. They look soviet because they are soviet, in every way that counts.

  4. LR, your response to Kronion, could not have been said better.

    I only hope that Kronion realizes that he is not a good patriot in someone elses mind.

  5. Freedom of assembly

    Freedom of speech

    The worst crimes one can commit in Putinovia are to speak freely and to assemble for political speech.

    Stalin would be proud.

    I have no doubt that the oily mother roosha orthodox church and all the bearded wizards in it are proud as well.

    I wonder what would have happened if someone had just stood there with an icon of Stalin.

    Or of Jesus.

    Or of a caricature of Vlad Dracul Putin.

    As Sergeant Schultz used to say in the TV series about Stalag 13, “Hogan’s Heroes”:

    “I know nothing, NOTHING”

  6. Tower Bolshevik

    For Jacob:

    Regardless of what La Russophobe says, take notice of the double-headed eagle on the second officer’s hat, and the Russian red-white-blue on the first officer’s coat. Czarist symbols. La Russophobe calls anything Russian “Soviet”. These protests being arrested for being against the draft are similar to those American protesters during the Vietnam War who called for an end to The Draft; as is the course of action by the police.

  7. Tower Bolshevik, as long as you can divert blame from yourself, your fine with it. I see it, local police vs state police, how convienient.

    Your point about draft dodgers is, well, let me explain. The draft ended during the Nixon term.
    If you must know why, an all volunteer military is far more effective than a band of know nothings, and do even less.

    The only reason the red army was able to push Germany back is because the red army knew that, no matter where they ran, the were dead. Their only hope was reaching western europe.

    The irony, the dead ones were the lucky ones.

  8. Kronion already fits the description of being a traitor to russia just by his visiting your website, LR. Atta girl.

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