More and more with each day that passes, it has begun to seem that Russia is governed not by clear-thinking adults but by panicked children under a Lord of the Flies scenario. Markets plunged on Monday and Wednesday and were supposed to be closed Thursday, then suddenly they were open and rising.  They were supposed to be open Friday, then suddenly they were closed “until further notice” for no apparent reason (except blind panic over the major U.S. drop on Thursday resulting in oil prices plunging to a one-year low of $82).  Russia apparently feels it can switch the markets on and off like a spigot at the Kremlin’s whim — another brilliant Russian idea the rest of the world simply never thought of before! It’s the USSR all over again. As we’ve previously pointed out, things are so unspeakably bitter in Russia these days, even by Russian standards, that even the most venal Russophile rats are being forced into positions of desperation that, in some cases, have forced them to moderate their insane positions somewhat, confronted as they are by so much overwhemling, undeniable failure. Even the demonic Vladimir Frolov, it seems, is not immune. 

In a recent (postage-stamp-sized) column in the Moscow Times, Frolov admits that “six months after the new federal law on government control of foreign investment in strategic sectors came into effect, not a single deal involving foreign investment into the country’s strategic sectors has been approved, and the review process is as murky as it usually gets in Russia.”  He begs – begs – the Kremlin to let foreigners have a few table scraps that he can use for propaganda purposes to “prove” the Kremlin’s reasonableness, especially “high-profile cases such as LUKoil’s deal with De Beers — blessed by Putin himself — to jointly develop a major diamond deposit in the Archangelsk region and Rome-based Alenia Aeronautica’s acquisition of a major stake in Sukhoi Aircraft.” He admits: “Going back on any of those deals would be very damaging to Russia’s international reputation.”

This from a man who can’t see any problem with Russia’s invasion of Georgia, its buzzing of U.S. shores with nuclear bombers, its aid to terrorists organizations in the Middle East or its provocation of separatism in Ingushetia!

2 responses to “EDITORIAL: Rats

  1. I’ve been watching Vremya and there is little or no news. They show Medvedev talking about a bailout and then they move on to Putin’s judo video. There are no jittery stock investors. There are no shots from the floor of the Micex. It is as though the Russians are living in a bubble. It is unbelievable. The Economic Tsunami is about to hit and the Russians are still lounging on the beach.

  2. meh, they’ll know it’s hit when they turn on the tv and it’s showing ballet.

    Or, like a professor of mine once said: on the morning of the day after Brezhnev died, I knew something had happened because the Swan Lake was playing on tv. I don’t remember a day when more champagne had been drunk in the University Library than that day.

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