Special Extra: Obama gets Russia, Finally

It’s comforting to know that no matter the outcome in next month’s U.S. presidential election, Vladmir Putin’s Russia is in for it from the United States of America.

In the presidential debate on Tuesday night, even though the topic was American domestic affairs, the topic of Russia came up more than once.

Barack Obama stated: “Energy we have to deal with today, because you’re paying $3.80 here in Nashville for gasoline, and it could go up. And it’s a strain on your family budget, but it’s also bad for our national security, because countries like Russia and Venezuela and, you know, in some cases, countries like Iran, are benefiting from higher oil prices.”

Brutal stuff. He links Russia with rogue regimes in Venezuela and Iran, and says that Russia’s weaponizing of its energy resources is a threat to U.S. national security.

Asked by the moderator “do you think that Russia under Vladimir Putin is an evil empire?” Obama responded: “I think they’ve engaged in an evil behavior and I think that it is important that we understand they’re not the old Soviet Union but they still have nationalist impulses that I think are very dangerous.”

Then he spoke at length on the topic:

The resurgence of Russia is one of the central issues that we’re going to have to deal with in the next presidency. And for the most part I agree with Sen. McCain on many of the steps that have to be taken. But we can’t just provide moral support. We’ve got to provide moral support to the Poles and Estonia and Latvia and all of the nations that were former Soviet satellites. But we’ve also got to provide them with financial and concrete assistance to help rebuild their economies. Georgia in particular is now on the brink of enormous economic challenges. And some say that that’s what Putin intended in the first place.

The other thing we have to do, though, is we’ve got to see around the corners. We’ve got to anticipate some of these problems ahead of time. You know, back in April, I put out a statement saying that the situation in Georgia was unsustainable because you had Russian peacekeepers in these territories that were under dispute. And you knew that if the Russians themselves were trying to obtain some of these territories or push back against Georgia, that that was not a stable situation. So part of the job of the next commander-in-chief, in keeping all of you safe, is making sure that we can see some of the 21st Century challenges and anticipate them before they happen.

We haven’t been doing enough of that. We tend to be reactive. That’s what we’ve been doing over the last eight years and that has actually made us more safe. That’s part of what happened in Afghanistan, where we rushed into Iraq and Sen. McCain and President Bush suggested that it wasn’t that important to catch bin Laden right now and that we could muddle through, and that has cost us dearly. We’ve got to be much more strategic if we’re going to be able to deal with all of the challenges that we face out there.

And one last point I want to make about Russia. Energy is going to be key in dealing with Russia. If we can reduce our energy consumption, that reduces the amount of petro dollars that they have to make mischief around the world. That will strengthen us and weaken them when it comes to issues like Georgia.

So it’s perfectly clear that the outrageous behavior of Vladimir Putin has set American policy towards Russia in stone, alienating the new president long before he ever takes office. The only question is exactly how the U.S. will choose to confront Russia, not whether it will do so.

It’s another classic neo-Soviet blunder from the proud KGB spy who rules the Kremlin.

21 responses to “Special Extra: Obama gets Russia, Finally

  1. He “got it” all along. You just didn’t notice. From last April:



    You need to read your link again. The word “evil” (as well as the concept) is conspicuous by its absence!

  2. As usual, the Gray Communist Con-man eventually says what he thinks is necessary to get elected.
    In foreign policy, this means belatedly acknowledging that McCain was right.

  3. Barrack Obama doesn’t get it. Anyone who equivocates Russia’s invasion of Georgia as the same as America’s Liberation of Iraq is delusional. Obama only parrots what needs to be said and then does what he really thinks, which is usually the opposite. It is an old Chicago Politics. Don’t be fooled by this charlatan.

  4. It sounded like Obama was repeating McCain. Obama couldn’t care less about anyone who is not Obama, and that includes Russia.

  5. I dont think Obama or McCain will differ on Georgia. I think Obama will be more aggressive on Russia although McCain has long experience and expertise on Georgia (he visited Georgia many times and was one of the first senators who supported the country since its independence)

  6. I really don’t think this means anything. Of course Obama won’t get as much support if he says ‘Let’s cooperate with Russia. They’re in the right.’ or anything like that. Just like no candidate would admit to being atheist. It’s American politics. I really doubt Obama will be confrontational, because really, he doesn’t have much to work with.

  7. La Russophobe finally gets beyond talk radio. I’m very proud of you my little Republican crumpet, if I could squeeze you I would.

  8. sounds like he finally had a talk with
    obama’s victory is america’s democracy at its best. a black man, with a muslim name, from a poor family—will be prez.
    sometimes we suck—the economy, foreign blunders, abu graib, stupid presidents, etc etc etc—-
    but the world must acknowledge in awe that this great democracy, dedicated to the proposition that all men are equal, is alive and well

  9. Obama doesn’t get anything. He’s a superficial inane neophyte that utters shallow statements which he retreats from later. Obama with his ties to ACORN and their notorious voter fraud, his Truth Squads(google it) that try to suppress criticism, and his attempts to lean on tv stations doesn’t even respect our civil liberties. He’s a joke. Putin isn’t that odious to him at core.

    McCain was more convincing in his responses. He stated that when he looked into Putin’s eyes he saw “KGB” totally negating Bush’s naivety.

    Russia needs to be isolated, shunned and condemned as the rogue state that it is and McCain will most likely do that.

    Oh, and, Khordorkovsky received 12 days of punishment in isolation today for his Esquire interview. Now there is a man of principle, the same man that you have vilified as a sell-out.

  10. It is clear that Obama, like most Americans, has very little familiarity with the rest of the world. However, unlike Bush, he has the brain power to learn and unlike McCain, he will provide a steady hand and won’t crash what is left of the US.

  11. Penny wrote: ”Russia needs to be isolated, shunned and condemned as the rogue state that it is and McCain will most likely do that.”

    However the obstacle are the Europeans. Their hatred of Republican America is so great that many are prepared to give Putin a pass and go against their own interest and cut their proverbial nose to spite their proverbial face. With Obama in the WH, this will be reduced to a great extend and will allow them to see Russia for it is.

  12. Frank, anyone who would gladly sit with a man who threatens to wipe Israel off the map cannot be trusted. When Georgia was first attacked, it was McCain, not Biden or Obama, who condemned the action. Obama would gladly let Russia lay waste to Georgia, even help it if possible.

  13. Osumashi, you’re right. After tea with dictators, I can imagine Obama enjoying a game of beach volleyball while Russia rolls into Georgia and returning to bomb the White House with his wife and kids in it. Next thing you know, he would marry a rich white woman and put himself on welfare. There is no end to Liberal wickedness.

  14. Obama will be an appeaser of dictators, like all nitwit liberals. I wouldn’t trust him in a toilet with a spoon.

  15. Hey, Frank, Obama’s lefty elitist hated of Americans is in the same mold of the Europeans. I guess you never noticed.

    You are so totally inane and ignorable.

  16. Lefty elitist hated in deed. If you think all Americans are illiterate Republican morons like yourself, then you’re right.

  17. Frank,
    Europe wants Obama so they can all be gutless cowards and feel good about themselves together. The democratic party has shown itself to be utterly incompetent with economics and foriegn policy. And with the problems facing the ‘civilized’ world today, we don’t need some elitist snake oil salesman to repeat Jimmy Carter’s mistakes.

  18. Bill,
    Europeans don’t need Obama to be gutless cowards, they already do that very well on their own. But a break from wondering what the hell is wrong with Americans voting not once, but twice for Bush will help them focus on Russians.

    And not just Russians in Russia I might add. Russian corruption is very mobile these days (see Deripaska).

    As for ”incompetent with economics and foriegn policy”, that surely is a joke considering the last 8 years. By the way, it’s ”foreign”, not ”foriegn”… I rest my case.

  19. Frank, in a perfect world those welfare recipients would be greatfull that they are recieving something for nothing.

    Laziness is not a virtue in any religion, including socialism, which is why Stalin created Siberia(pun intended).

    Why should they expect the same standard of living as someone who works tirelessly at the same monotonous job for thirty years?

    The correct answer, they shouldn’t.

  20. It doesnt really matter if Obama gets it. The US economy is imploding. The dollar is collapsing. The constituent racial groups within the United States – blacks, whites and hispanics will be at each other’s throats once the economy collapses. I think in this case, unfortunately, America’s hands are completely tied and Russia has by far the upper hand.

  21. Boris, the prevailing wisdom is prepare for the worst an hope for the best.

    You are the man that will throw his arms up in frustration, while another is working on a solution. I pity those who seek your guidance.

    Why dont you just continue being the guy that criticizes other peoples ideas.

    Your overt assertion of racism in the United States is racist in itself.

    This seems to be a good opportunity to point out the fallacy of socialist economic principles.
    When you have a belief system that is not based on principle(only counters another), you have been brainwashed.

    It’s easier to be a contrarian(and make theoretical arguments)than it is to take a stand.

    If you believe that Russia will be better off after the resolution of this market correction, or as you say “crisis”. I have two names for you, Arthur Laffer and Kurt Hauser. Their theories are complimentary.

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