Special Extra: 866!

A stock market in ruins

A stock market in ruins

The Russian stock markets stand in utter ruins. The RTS index closed Monday down over 19%, finishing at a truly jolting 866 — down 64% from its May high. The Oil & Gas Index closed down over 22%. Gazprom, Russia’s leading business entity, was down nearly 25%.  Norilsk Nickle, another leading industrial enterprise, was down nearly 40% in just one day of trading. Sberbank, the leading bank (state owned), was down 16%.  The market broke through not only the 1,000 point psychological barrier, but 900 as well. The Kremlin panicked once again, and shut down the market so further carnage could not occur. It reopened them for just 25 minutes, saw more horrific bloodshed, and then shut them down again permanently. Very similar to the way the USSR made bad news go away by burning newspapers.

A few Russophile idiots are saying “so what, America is down too!”  America’s Dow Jones average was, in actual fact, down less than 4% on Wall Street after staging a roaring late afternoon rally as shown below — less than one quarter of the Russian losses! — and the American market was not shut down for a single second. 

Nor is America’s market buoyed by stratospherically high oil prices, from which it profits, as Russia’s ought to be.  But the truth never seems to matter to the Russophile filth. Nor does actual thought.  For, you see, the fact that the American market is down is the whole point.  Russia’s market is tanking in no small measure because of American losses, showing it is nothing but the servile vassal of the American economic power.   Rather than ignoring America’s ripples, the Russian economy feels them as tidal waves, and yet the utterly insane Russian government goes right on helping America’s enemies and trying to undermine American welfare, thereby destroying Russia itself.

Will Russians wake up before the end is nigh?

One response to “Special Extra: 866!

  1. It’s not only the economy, the Russians themselves are greatly declining.



    Indeed so! We intend to publish that piece on the blog later it the week. Yet sadly it will be suppressed in Russia so that Mr. Putin can retain his ridiculous 80% approval rating. In fact, of course, the two issues may well be interconnected.

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