EDITORIAL: Russia and its Abortion Apocalypse


Russia and its Abortion Apocalypse

According to United Nations data, last year Vladimir Putin’s Russia had truly a stunning 53.7 abortions per 1,000 women in the population.  The United States, by contrast, had fewer than half as many abortions per capita, just 20.8 per 1,000 women.  Even with a population twice as large as Russia’s, the American tally of abortions was still much lower.  In Ukraine, the rate was 27.5 and  in Georgia just 19.1 women per 1,000 had an abortion in 2007.

No other nation was remotely close to Russia.  Kazakhstan and Vietnam, two erstwhile Russian allies, were in second place at 35/1,000. Belarus, Russia’s kissing cousin, was close behind at 31.7.  Russia is, in other words, the world capital of abortions by a wide margin.  It is, in fact, an abortion factory, butchering over 2 million fetuses each year, more than 5,400 per day, more than it has live births — a situation virtually unprecedented in human history. Every ten years, Russians kill more of their own people simply by means of abortion than did Hitler’s invading Nazi hoardes in the whole of World War II.

There are only two possible explanations for this reality. One is that Russian women are terrified of bringing new lives into the neo-Soviet atrocity being created by Vladimir Putin.  The other is that Russians are recklessly heedless of contraception, and using abortion to address the situation after the fact.  It’s hard to say which would make Russia appear more barbaric, and in our view it is likely that both are operating, since neither alone could account for such a massive difference between Russia and the rest of the civilized world.

Given the fact that many nations, like the United States, have vigorous ant-abortion movements based solely on moral grounds, one might expect the anti-abortion push in Russia to be much stronger. Russians, of course, have a whole additional level of motivation to oppose termination of pregnancies, namely their catastrophically collapsing population (which is expected to halve before the next century is over).

Yet, as a recent article (referred to us by a reader in an e-mail) in the Los Angeles Times documents,  in fact the Russian anti-abortion movement is non-existent. Yet another example of how the Kremlin’s brutal crackdown on civil society has stifled basic mechanisms which might serve the Russian national interest.

The article states:

Abortionist Marina Chechneva remembers the old-style Russian gynecologists who worked in state hospitals and churned out back-to-back abortions like Soviet factory workers. She remembers the women who “used to use abortion as a kind of vacation, because in the U.S.S.R., they got three days off from work.”

It’s not surprising, of course, that Soviet citizens would develop a total disregard for the value of human life given that is exactly how their own government treated them.  But one might have hoped that when the Soviet regime collapsed because of its own failure, Russians would adopt a different attitude.

They haven’t.  Chechneva is trying, but the LAT reports: “It’s an uphill struggle. Doctors complain that contraceptive use remains unpopular and that many Russian women rely on abortion for birth control.” And why should we really be surprised to learn this? After all, if Russians think it’s acceptable to have a proud KGB spy as their president, then presumably they have little interest in reversing the failed policies of the Soviet regime. Abortion practitioner Alexander Medvedev explains:  “Even in community clinics, doctors are trying to dissuade patients from abortion. Now teenagers come to see us with already two or three abortions, and it’s horrible.”  One abortion patient describes the abject horror: “”It’s like a conveyor belt.  Women sit next to the abortion room in a line, and it happens very quickly.”

And if so many unborn children are wiped out in the womb, how many others are born to parents who don’t really want them, and grow up in a hostile world of alienated affection, alcoholism, drug addiction and despair? It’s a horrifying prospect to contemplate.

The government, of course, is trying to cover up the problem with absurd lies rather than address it. The LAT reports: “In 2007, for the first time in decades, Russia’s Federal State Statistics Service counted slightly more live births than abortions in Russia. But doctors say those statistics are flawed because of the growing number of women who opt for undocumented abortions in private clinics.”

The Kremlin, which knows only the language of blunt trauma, is simply incapable of carrying out effective reforms of social policy. To do so would not only risk exposing its own weakness, but it would risk empowering the population by teaching them how to solve problems and take civic action. The Kremlin could never be sure that today’s abortion movement would not become tomorrow’s democracy movement.

And we must also ask where is the West’s opposition to this atrocity?  How can a supposedly “conservative” organization like Discovery Institute, which preaches the teaching of creationism in schools, possibly justify its policy of rationalizing and defending the Putin regime as it wipes out millions of unborn children, a large part of Russia’s future?

11 responses to “EDITORIAL: Russia and its Abortion Apocalypse

  1. Tower Bolshevik

    So I guess now abortion is a crime. If a pregnancy is unwanted in Russia or anywhere in the world, those women should have the right to have an abortion. Funny, once again refering to your archives I distinctly remember one accusation of women being treated like crap in Russia. Stripping them of their right to an abortion would be adding to their oppressed lives, now wouldn’t it?

    “…in fact the Russian anti-abortion movement is non-existent.”

    So Russia should have a bunch of anti-abortion lunatics running around bombing abortion clinics and killing doctors who perform abortions; like in the USA? And you talk of human rights abuses in Russia.

    Don’t you think perhaps on even a certain level these Russian women have abortions not only because they are incapable of taking care of the child, but also for being spared the heartache that follows when they’re forced to abandon their children after they’ve given them life?


    Your reading ability is extremely inadequate. This post isn’t about banning abortions, it’s about banning Vladmir Putin. If you thought about it, which doesn’t seem to be your long suit, you’d realize that in fact every single post in this blog is about that.

    Not only on a certain level but on every level are Russian women incapable, and even more so the wretched men, and that is a fundamental hallmark of the bankruptcy, both moral and financial, of their government.

    What Russia should have is a society into which its women are both proud and happy to bring children. It doesn’t because it is living in the KGB past and, in essence, committing slow national suicide.

  2. ah, the solution is so easy: Russia just takes in the excess Chinese and everyone will be happy. No?

    well, no… because the russians are so xenophobic they’d just kill the chinese babies and then they’d be right back to where they started.

    Seriously though, you’re right LR, Unfortunately Russians consider abortion a usual contraceptive. It isn’t an extreme measure only considered when everything else fails (for MOST, definitely not all, Russian women). I mean, I’m all pro-choice but…

    I think it harks back to the Soviet (education) system, where talking about sex and all the parphenalia that comes with it – contraceptives, diseases etc., was taboo. Even more so than in strictly catholic countries, surprisingly enough.

  3. devastating and sad report—wow, i had no
    idea—thanks phobochka

  4. My wife is Russian and we have two gorgeous children, the first was an accident and at no time did we even consider an abortion, our second was planned and if a third one comes so be it. I don’t know how many Russian women you really know ( and I have my doubts that you have really ever spent much time in Russia) but my wife’s friends all have children or are trying. and they ARE proud to have them. So don’t go around saying Russian women are incapable. I’m not denying that abortion is used as a method of birth control, and I will concede that this is due to a large amount of Russian men refusing to use condoms. However trying to equate the rate of abortions with Putin in power is absurd. The statistics you refer to for Russia and Belarus are 4 years out of date. I’d like figures for the last 2 years.

  5. The problem with using abortion as a birth control method is that is does not protect you from STD’s including HIV/AIDS whose rates are skyrocketing in Russia. Also, a lot of women are left infertile because of the large number of abortions (not always of the best quality medically speaking) and are not capable of having children when they want them.

  6. The staggering amount of abortions in Russia and how they are viewed is a testament to how little regard there is for human life, period. Whether a Russian woman aborts her fifth child or whether a young man is sent to die in some godawful hole in order to secure former territories, there is no respect for life in Russia.
    This country will be dead soon.

  7. The TRANSMONEE database (from UNICEF) has some data on abortion rates for the CIS region, up to 2006, although expressed in different terms.

    They show that in 2006 there were 106.9 abortions for every 100 live births – quite shocking, indeed: but still slightly over half the rate recorded in 1989 (204.9), or markedly less than the peak year for abortions, 1993 (235.2).

    This rate is very much higher than the rates shown by this source for Ukraine, Belarus or Kazakhstan (2006 data: 33.7, 51.2, 43.3 respectively).

    I quite agree: respect for human life in Russia is lacking – this is one of many evidences for this.

    LA RUSSOPHOBE RESPONDS: Thank you very kindly! Excellent work.

  8. Tower Bolshevik

    La Russophobe:

    Either you’re full of contradictions and don’t realize it, or you simply enjoy being a hypocrite. What I know of your blog is that its goal is way beyond bashing Vladimir Putin, but bashing Russian people as a whole. Your criticisms of Vladimir Putin (however true they may be), are said as if the U.S and western governments are uncorrupted, and angelic.

    But the message I got from THIS post is bashing Putin because he has not cracked down on abortion, but that he’s part of it. This is absurd. This post is loaded with the demonization of abortion. Using words like “barbaric”, and comparing abortions in Russia to the Nazi atrocities in World War II. Then you criticize Russia for not having a stronger anti-abortion movement. What this says to me is that you’d be quite pleased if the Russian Orthodox Church mobilized their loonies to bomb abortion clinics and murder abortion doctors in Russia. In addition to the fact that you did not address this in your reply.

  9. TB, I can only hope that one day you will realize, that obortion opponents are not interested in human rights of the “victims”, your quotes, but of the human rights of the abandoned. Who is going to speak for them?

    They should be allowed to live the rest of their days with resentment and abandonment, just like you.

    Hopefully they can make something of themselves unlike you!

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