Special Extra: Campaign Blitz #3 — Obama and the Terrorist

Another in our occasional series of posts supporting the candidacy of John McCain as the next president of the United States.  Enter “campaign blitz” in our search engine to read the others.

William Ayers was a member of a terrorist group called “The Weathermen” which planted bombs during the 1960s in protest of the Vietnam War.  They killed three police officers, including two in the course of an armed robbery, and would have exploded a bomb during a military dance at Fort Dix except that the device went off accidentally while it was being manufactured in New York City, killing the terorrorist group members themselves and endangering scores of innocent people.  Ayers would have been sent to prison, but he was freed on legal technicalities involving mistakes by the prosecution and police during the course of his arrest.

In his autobiography, Ayers stated:  “I don’t regret setting bombs. I feel we didn’t do enough.” He’s been photographed recently stepping on the American flag.  A review of his book, including that quotation, appeared in the New York Times on the same day as the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. He currently works as a Professor of Education at the University of Illinois, and that’s how Barack Obama got to know him.

In 1995, Obama accepted the chairmanship of an education reform group that was funded through Ayers’s lobbying efforts.  He attended six board meetings with Ayers over the next five years.  And a few months after he accepted the chairmanship, Obama visited Ayers’s home, in Obama’s neighborhood, at which State Senator Alice J. Palmer introduced him to Democratic Party powerbrokers as her handpicked successor.  The New York Times reports:

In 1997, after Mr. Obama took office, the new state senator was asked what he was reading by The Chicago Tribune. He praised a book by Mr. Ayers, “A Kind and Just Parent: The Children of Juvenile Court,” which Mr. Obama called “a searing and timely account of the juvenile court system.” In 2001, Mr. Ayers donated $200 to Mr. Obama’s re-election campaign.

After winning office, Obama has tried to sweep Ayers under the carpet, just as he more recently did to his lifelong pastor when the world learned that man, Jeremiah Wright, was a racist lunatic.  The Times reports:

Steve Chapman, a columnist for The Chicago Tribune [who] defended Mr. Obama’s relationship with [Wright], denounced Mr. Obama for associating with Mr. Ayers, whom he said the University of Illinois should never have hired. “I don’t think there’s a statute of limitations on terrorist bombings,” Mr. Chapman said in an interview, speaking not of the law but of political and moral implications. “If you’re in public life, you ought to say, ‘I don’t want to be associated with this guy,’ ” Mr. Chapman said. “If John McCain had a long association with a guy who’d bombed abortion clinics, I don’t think people would say, ‘That’s ancient history.’ ”

Do we think Barack Obama is a closet supporter of terrorism against America?  No, and that’s not the point. We not only think but know for a certain fact that Obama would not hesitate to make use of rabid America-haters like Ayers and Wright, and did so, in order to advance his political career. And that tells us two things.

First, it tells us he couldn’t find anyone better, and that means Obama certainly is not the heroic messiah that some people claim, not someone whose visionary ideals and accomplishments made him acclaimed by a wide array of mainstream leaders.  And that means the whole basis of his candidacy is a naked fraud. Obama is, in fact, a garden-variety, grasping politico who never did anything before entering political life that could give him a political base that would allow him to kick Ayers to the curb.  He used an old-boy network of political connections, largely based on race, to enter politics, not his own grassroots efforts leveraged by public acclaim for his accomplishments.  That is the true story of him, no matter what spin the left-wing media might choose to apply.

And second, it tells us that while he’s not a terrorist he’s unquestionably a person of highly dubious moral character.  Columnist Chapman has it exactly right.  There are some lines that decent people simply don’t cross no matter what, but Obama will cross them when he feels it serves his personal interests.  Someone like that can’t possibly provide the moral leadership necessary to stand up to the neo-Soviet Union.  Indeed, Ayers is probably a great hero of maniacal anti-American demons like Vladimir Putin. Moreover, before this election cycle began Obama had never spoken out against the rise of the neo-Soviet regime in Russia, much less taken any policy action to oppose it.

That’s why Obama shouldn’t be the next president of the United States. Don’t vote for him.

Sarah Palin was a dazzling success in her recent debate with Joe Biden, confounding her critics and leading the grey eminence of American journalism, David Broder, to observe:

Those of us who know and admire Joe Biden were happy that a big national audience got to see him at his best — a sentimental, smart, decent and generous guy.  But he was no better than Palin. She appeared cool as a cucumber, comfortable with her talking points and unrattled by anything that was thrown at her.

Palin has shown her toughness in the face of a relentless misogynistic smear campaign and triumphed. She can do the same when dealing with Vladimir Putin — and she’s been living her whole life in close proximity to the Russian border, so her antenna must be especially attuned to the Russian threat.

Vote McCain-Palin. Right on Russia. Right for America.

16 responses to “Special Extra: Campaign Blitz #3 — Obama and the Terrorist

  1. ”she’s been living her whole life in close proximity to the Russian border, so her antenna must be especially attuned to the Russian threat.”

    Absolutely! I live near Greenland and I speak Greenish! With Republicans in power, pretty soon Obama and his terrorist friends won’t have much of anything left to bomb that will not be owned by the Chinese. And since Obama & Co. are all pinko communists as well, they won’t dare touch the United States of China. Keep America safe! Vote McCain-Palin!

  2. What? A politician doing whatever it takes to get what he wants? Will wonders never cease?!
    I’m not surprised, really. Obama will do what he wants and try to make it sound innocuous.

  3. Tower Bolshevik

    The Weatherman were NOT terrorists, they were freedom fighters struggling against an evil and corrupt government raping and murdering the peasant peoples of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia; as well as their racist segregation and their leeching off of the working people. If they were terrorists they would’ve been killing inn0cent civilians in their struggle without any regard for them, but their “victims” were police officers and state officials. Hardly people to cry over. Unlike U.S funded terrorists such as the Nicaraguan Contras, the Afghan Mujahideen, pro-Apartheid Angolan UNITA, and the KLA who deliberately targeted civilians as a means of terrorizing them into submission.

    But what’s hilarious is that you link the Weathermen to Putin in a most idiotic way saying the Weathermen are “PROBABLY” Putin’s heroes, and thus continue with your Putin bashing. Integrating two completely opposites who have nothing to do with one another, and putting it as one. This is what I call irresponsible and over emotional ranting.

    For the third time: McCain-Palin cannot fulfil your wet dream of starting a war with Russia. Palin herself was a mayor of a tiny town in the middle of nowhere in Alaska, and is now governor of probably the most decolate state in America. She has no experience with foreign policy and is even clueless of the title of her job should McCain be elected. While I’m on the subject of McCain-Palin and Russia, I seem to recall reading through your archives that on countless occasions you attacked Russia for allowing neo-Nazis and other homophobes to attack gays in the attempted Gay Pride marches in Moscow. Both McCain and Palin are very anti-gay and support the banning gay parenting and gay marriage on the grounds of “traditional” practices. So then one can easily conclude that your russophobes are not defenders of but opponents of Gay Rights, and just rant in support of Gay Rights when it is attacked in Russia. Gotta keep that Russia bashing going, huh? So if McCain is elected and starts a war with Russia, will you volunteer, wait to be drafted, or run away?

  4. Just have a look at these links.

    Biden less competent than Sarah:
    Here it shows Obama is wearing an ear piece during his public appearances:

    Here you find a disturbing story about his bracelet:
    And what about the founding of his campaign?

  5. Keep that in mind. If Obama talks a bit tough now on the Russia issue, it’s only because he saw how his original comments went over like a lead balloon. And given the kind of man he is, when we see the kind of people he’s been allied with all of his adult life, the only sane thing one can do is question how much he will do to stand up for freedom and democracy anywhere.

  6. T. Bols wrote:
    ”So then one can easily conclude that your russophobes are not defenders of but opponents of Gay Rights, and just rant in support of Gay Rights when it is attacked in Russia.”

    The point was not the defense of gays, but their right to demonstrate freely. Supporting gay rights or not has nothing to do with being a russophobe. Furthermore, insinuating that all russophobes are Republicans is insulting.

    Personally, I don’t like the name russophobe because it implies fear of Russia or Russians. I dislike, not fear, Russians (adult males) with passion as they are a cancer on humanity and a disgrace to white people everywhere. A paranoid bunch of classless retards filled with resentment toward everything and everybody whose only contribution to the world is corruption and murder (better stop before I rant).

    One reads La Russophobe for content relating to Russia and specifically how the KGB is doing running things in the great slavish motherland. I suggest you skip any posts relating to US domestic politics as they are unfortunate. Or read them for entertainment like I do.

    If there is a war, it won’t be started by McCain as he will not get elected. If there is a war, it won’t involve the US but China. Putin will continue giving up chunks of land, keep his mouth shut and hope China doesn’t turn on him. Putin only fears two things: democracy coming from the West and millions of Chinese spilling over the border.

  7. You have such important things to say about Russia – it’s a shame you waste your time shilling for this hack. The enemy of your enemy is not always your friend. In this case, John McCain is potent enough to stir up trouble, but not powerful enough to actually go at Russia in any way. So all that he’ll do is stir up trouble in Iran and possible South America, drive up the price of energy, and play further into Russia’s plan.

  8. John McCain has an almost miraculous understanding of what needs to be done in international politics.

    Too bad he believes in “global warming” and does not understand that illegal immigration threatens the fundamental principles of a democratic state.

  9. I call your attention also to the conclusions of this recent article about Obama’s friendship with Odinga:

  10. Tower Bolshevik

    For Frank:

    “The point was not the defense of gays, but their right to demonstrate freely. Supporting gay rights or not has nothing to do with being a russophobe. Furthermore, insinuating that all russophobes are Republicans is insulting.”

    My, you’re a bundle of contradictions aren’t you? Demonstration freely would be Gay Rights, now wouldn’t it? La Russopobe simply uses anti-Gay and other prejudices existing in Russia to spew anti-Russian chauvinism. Obviously, the folks here at La Russophobe are also homophobic seeing how they support McCain-Palin who’d like nothing more than to see gays punished and stripped of basic rights for who they are.

    “Personally, I don’t like the name russophobe because it implies fear of Russia or Russians. I dislike, not fear, Russians (adult males) with passion as they are a cancer on humanity and a disgrace to white people everywhere. A paranoid bunch of classless retards filled with resentment toward everything and everybody whose only contribution to the world is corruption and murder (better stop before I rant).”

    Well, as for Russians being a cancer to humanity: at least they don’t kill each other for the clothes that they wear, their kids don’t go to school wondering if a classmate has a gun. The Russians aren’t dumb enough to pump trillions into two losing wars and destroying their economy. Disgrace to white people? What do you have here, a Klansman? Murder rate in the USA, a white country, is far higher than that of Russia or any country in the world. If there is a cancer to humanity, its the sickening and parasitic American society; which is far more intollerant than Russia. Funny thing is, I’m willing to bet you like all the other Russophobes here applauded the current Russian government coming to power. There’s the “democracy” you cheered.

  11. Frank…

    You ever spent any time with any Russians?

    I love how this link with Obama is being brought up. For all I know a guy I was at university could have become a terrorist, that was 11 years ago. Would that mean I associated with terrorists?

  12. as the markets collapse so do mcain’s chances to win. not fair for jmac—but he’s the one with the “R” behind his name. stand by for attacks on obama—ayers, wright, WHATEVER—-it doesn’t matter. obama will win—-blame the man who’s kissed putin’s ass for 8 years—-the fool bush.


    We have blamed him! Quite often, in fact!

    At some point the country may realize that Obama has no business or economics training and no qualifications to lead the country. It may also realize that McCain has far more gravitas as a national figure and has been a thorn in the Republican’s side for years. It may realize it’s well past time that a woman occupied the oval office, and that Obama is totally without any credentials to stand up to our enemies abroad.

    If they don’t, and a major economic downturn happens or Obama botches a major foreign crisis, as is inevitable a la Kennedy, then the Democrats will have sown the seeds of Republican power just as they did during the tenure of Jimmy Carter.

    In short, being elected as “anti-Bush” is no way to form a government. Such would dissolve in short order.

  13. The topic of the stock market is something that is hard to sum up.

    I will try to be brief, Jimmy Carter signed into law the Consumer Relief Act, which forced lenders to loan money to people that could hardly afford a car, much less a house.

    Bill Clinton, after brief period of socialist stagnation, put teeth into the CRAfor the People.
    Threatening litigation against lenders for not lending to people without an income. That is where the word “subprime” comes from.

    With Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac taking these loans, and labeling them as “Secured loans”, they were able to bundle them, and sell them to lenders that would not except them otherwise.

    When it came for the unemployed, and underemployed to start paying their (overvalued because of this loophole)mortgages, that is when the mess started.

    This was not caused by a free market, it was caused by allowing socialist principles to take root.

    Socialism is not ruled by reason, it is ruled by emotion. Pity, envy, greed, wrath, pride, and the other two can be summed up as indifference.

    The principles of religion stand the test of time, the principles of socialism can be blamed for the blight of humanity.

  14. The order of emotions was coincidental, but more accurate than intended.

  15. TB, the irony is that due to “Tolerance” some people are held to a higher standard that others. Wrap you brain around that one.

    I’ve seen it personally, minority men and women are just as capable as the majority.

    I actually have a specific example. I am a white male, I know a black female with a 140 IQ, she doesn’t beat me by much, but I am willing to admit that a black woman with lower social standards beats me out because of personal standards.

    I respect people for their effort, not because I have a social mandate to. That is how a majority of americans feel, is that wrong?

    I noticed that you like to accuse ameicans of being racist, or mysoginistic, but in the world I live in, race and gender are meaningless.

    Don’t get me wrong, I still lust for women, but I give credit where it’s due.

  16. TB reminds me so fondly of articles in Krokodil (Crocodile – “satire” magazine that has articles about US that were as funny as Iranian cartoons about Israel… Come to think about it, they had cartoons that showed funny looking Zionists that were almost as funny. But I digress).

    TB’s posts are pure propaganda. They only work when there are no alternative views allowed. So, it works great in Russia in Iran – but for Western reader it just sounds hilarious. Keep writing, my funny Bolshevik – people need constant reminder of echo chambers that are named Kremlin and Berkeley… and torture chambers that are named Lubianka and Butyrka that inevitably come along.

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