Russia to the Rescue?

News readers could be forgiven for laboring mightily to understand a recent story about the hijacking of a Ukrainian arms shipment (33 Soviet-era battle tanks) bound for Africa.  The pirates were holding 20 Russian, Ukrainian, and Moldovan crew members on board.  Upon being seized the ship’s Russian captain Vladimir Kolobkov apparently had a heart attack on the spot and dropped dead.

The ship was taken on Thursday September 25th and the next day there were reports that the Russian navy was charging to the rescue. The next thing you knew, the pirates were demanding $20 million in ransom, and it was already Monday.  Now, the United States was taking the lead, surrounding the pirated ship from all sides. The Russian navy was nowhere to be seen, and the Americans were preventing the ship from offloading any cargo, which might then fall into the hands of crazed Somali rebels.

Very impressive technology the Russians seem to have, some sort of advanced cloaking device that makes their ships disappear entirely whenever they might actually have to fight.  Same thing appears to have happened in the Black Sea when the U.S. navy made an appearance after Russia’s assault on Georgia began.

One gets the impression that the Russians are hiding behind the American skirts, just in case the pirates might actually start shooting or something.

13 responses to “Russia to the Rescue?

  1. Well, apparently Russian ship left the harbour one day before:

    “On September 24 the Baltic Fleet patrol vessel Neustrashimy left the fleet’s base in Baltiisk for a long-distance cruise. A fleet source said, “The vessel’s crew has been trained for combat duty near Somalia.” A spokesman for the Baltic Fleet was more general, stating, “During the long-distance cruise, the crew of the Neustrashimy will practice a number of combat tasks, including the improvement of the crew’s actions during an alert, the search for a simulated enemy, and repelling an attack, [as well as] preventive damage control and air defense” (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostei, September 24).”

  2. Like so what? The article I read gave the impression the Russians were doing a cavalry charge to save this ship. What’d they do, take a wrong turn on the Jersey turnpike? Everyone complains about how the US shouldn’t be policeman for the world, well hello: Russia, go for it, do something substantial.

  3. I think that the Russkies are being spitefull towards the Ukrainians because they are siding with us and NATO. They probebly think since they want to deal with America, well, then let the Americans defend you.

    The important fact that they are overlooking is that we will help the Ukrainians. Thusly, making our possition in Eastern Europe that much more legit.

  4. Karhunmetsastaja

    Krasnaya Armiya is not able to rescue anything, not even itself. It is an army of shame. This BBC report

    sums it all up nicely.

  5. “Karhunmestästäjä” is Finnish for “Bear hunter”. ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-)

  6. “metsästäjä” 8-(

  7. Tower Bolshevik

    The Somali president has just asked for the Russians’ help to fight the pirates, although the Russians said they had no intention of using force out of fear of endangering the captive crew. What happens remains to be seen. In Somalia, no one would hide behind the Americans. Remember in the early 1990’s, the Somalis defeated the U.S led invasion of their country.

    For Karhunmetsastaja:

    I was under the impression that the Krasnaya Armiya ceased to exist after 1991. I thought Russia had its own Federal Army now.

  8. Wow who wrote this?

    The ship was highjacked on the 25th the Neustrashimy left on the 24th…doh, look at a map and see how far the Baltic is from the Somali coast….It would take a week to get there, which it has done now. It would be some great technology should they get there in less than a day. The US Navy had a ship there to begin with hence the quicker response.


    You seem to be missing the point, you baboon. If Russia could not respond, why did it say it was going to?

  9. Maybe because they figured the ship wasn’t going anywhere in the meantime so they had time to get the ship down there? BTW do you have to always revert to personal insults when someone disagrees with you or you think they are wrong? Your second to last paragraph doesn’t make sense. Russian ships disappear when they have to fight. The Neustrashimy was in transit the day after the hijack took place, it is now on station where has it disappeared to? It is there waiting to do something, not that anyone else is…


    Your hypocrisy is truely apelike in its ridiculous ignorance. What did you mean when you asked “wow, who wrote this”? Not a personal insult? Do you think that’s a respectful and neutral way of addressing us? You are truly deranged and out of touch with reality.

    If they figured that, then they figured WRONG, you idiot, and that is what the post is about. Please think (if you can) before you try to write on this blog.

    This post isn’t about one ship, it’s about the Russian military being totally unable to back up the Kremlin’s words with actions. The reason you can’t “understand” is because you don’t read or think before you spew your absurd pro-Kremlin propaganda.

  10. Karhunmetsastaja

    @ Tower Bolshevik

    I also thought that the Red Army (or Sovetskaya Armiya or whatever you call that moonshine-drinkin’ glue sniffin’ genocidal invasionist horde) was a thing of the past. August 8th 2008 opened my eyes.

  11. It takes few weeks for this ship to get into Somalia waters, it’s not an airplane. Let’s hope that refugee rescuing operation can setup a good example of international cooperation. US Navy also welcome to help hostages out, but it seems they only interested in cargo and do not take any action.

    LA RUSSOPHOBE RESPONDS: What? Is this the only ship in the Russian navy? If Russia can’t respond, then it probably shouldn’t claim it’s going to, should it?

  12. Tower Bolshevik

    For Karhunmetsastaja:

    Right. So what you’re saying is the Russian Federal Army (under the Russian red-white-and-blue) went into Georgia to get rid of the land owning capitalists under Saakashvili, to give the workers of Georgia (Abkhazia and South Ossetia included) full control over their factories, unite them, promote international revolution, and stand true to class struggle. No offense but it looks like you’ve been doing the moonshine-drinkin’ and glue sniffin’.

    The Russian Federal Army resembles the Russian Imperial Army. But of course the Imperial Army must’ve been the founders of democracy and human rights for you to overlook that, and absurdly compare it to the Red Army, which was by no means an “invasionist horde”. If this is what you believe, 8th August glued your eyes shut.

  13. Samoli president? They had an election? Did the banditos elect this dude?

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