EDITORIAL: Annals of Russian Hypocrisy


Annals of Russian Hypocrisy

It’s the kind of thing that can only emerge from Russia.

On the same day, the media reported on Russia complaining that the U.S. was “stonewalling” a nuclear arms reduction negotiation and also that Russia had announced plans to help Venezulea develop nuclear technology, just as it has done for Iran (which, thanks to Russia, experts now report is on the verge of acquiring nuclear weapons — an event which could cause the tinderbox of the Middle East to go up in flames — and which Russia is aggressively shielding from Western sanctions).

We have a separate category in our sidebar devoted to recording instances of breathtaking Russian hypocrisy, and it’s already loaded with material.  But this one is something special, it may just take the cake.

Even as Russia’s crazed rulers are awakening to the reality that they have provoked the world’s only superpower into a new arms race that will impose devastating costs of competition on Russia’s feeble economy or leave Russia in the military dust, they prove themselves incapable of doing anything other than escalating the tension and adding even more fuel to arms race fire.

It’s almost as if the Russians were actually surprised to find out that, yes, the U.S. does intend to put its money where its mouth is on the new cold war, that it’s actually annoyed by repeated unprovoked unilateral overflights of Russian nuclear bombers. 

But there were plenty of words, too.  Meeting with the leaders of Lithuania and Ukraine in Washington this week, U.S. President George Bush said he “talked about Georgia-Russia, and the need for democracies to be able to stand on their own feet without fear of bullying.” Bush reaffirmed that the U.S. would fight to defend Lithuania from any Russia attack and would assist it in seeking to diversify its energy market and ween itself off Russian petroleum.  His Lithuanian counterpart, in turn, invited the U.S. to establish a “visible presence” in his country that would send a strong message to deter Russian aggression.

Russia’s feeble response was to declare that countries that dare to disagree with Russia are “illogical” — implying that Russia, not they, knows what is best for them.  Now just imagine, dear reader, if you dare, how Russia would react if America used that kind of rhetoric in regard to Russia’s actions!

This is Russia’s fundamental hypocrisy.  It simply cannot accept that the countries of Eastern Europe view Russia as being exactly the same kind of heavy-handed, arrogant power that Russia accuses the U.S. of being.  The great difference, of course, is that in the open U.S. media Americans hear all of Russia’s complaints, but Russians never hear the complaints of Urkainians, Georgians and Lithuanians (or Poles, Czechs or Estonians) and therefore they live in a world of delusion fomented by relentless Kremlin propaganda. Russia stands utterly alone and despised in the world, yet like the infamous Emperor and his “new clothes” it imagines itself swathed in robes of ermine.

5 responses to “EDITORIAL: Annals of Russian Hypocrisy

  1. It is interesting to note that the LEFT in the US and the autonomous region known as San Francisco basically could replace “Russia” with “US” in the article above when describing US imperialism. Their arguments would ring false and does ring false because “America’s colonies” actually want us to be there. The irony is that Russia has much to offer other countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia in terms of natural resources, oil and gas. Yet, these countries want as little as possible to do with Russia. Is that because Russia has a habit of turning their friends into actual colonies? While the US tries to influence her neighbors with carrot and stick incentives. Russia is still practicing barbaric diplomacy by wielding a club. I do find some consolation in Russia’s barbaric behavior because it makes America the good guys again. See what we missed since the end of the Cold War? Putin brought it all back. What a stupid.

  2. Their hypocrisy seems to date even earlier as the new discovery in Russia shows that their history might need some rewriting as it appears that the Finns where the first settlers in the heart of Russia:

    “Сенсационная находка российских археологов. В Посадском районе Ивановской области во время раскопок ученые обнаружили финский могильник, который датируют примерно 4 веком. Внутри бронзовые вещи и останки. Теперь ученым, возможно, придется переписывать историю возникновения древнерусской культуры.

    … до сих пор считалось, что первыми земледельцами на границе Владимирской и Ивановской областей были славяне.

    “Именно финны были пионерами земледелия на этой территории, – поясняет Николай Макаров. – Кроме того, они были хорошими ювелирами и многие украшения пришли к нам из финской культуры”.”


  3. An interesting news from Georgia – a Russian guy named Nikolai Kubrik came to Georgia from Russia via Prague and refused to return to his homeland, instead asking for political shelter in Georgia. He claims that he can’t continue living in Russia after the August events.

    The link is in Georgian language:

  4. Tower Bolshevik

    For Kolchak:

    Being a native of San Francisco, we simply don’t blindly follow a bunch of idiotic politicians like Bush. I can tell you this much, very few if any think that capitalist Russia is a better alternative imperialism to U.S imperialism. You think the Iraqi and Afghan people want America there? You really are brainwashed by that box in your living room. The resistance forces in both Afghanistan and Iraq are stonger than they’ve ever been. They don’t want America there. America’s economy is in shambles, the worst it has been since the Great Depression, brought by two losing wars. As for the Putin bringing back the Cold War? Even John McCain has denied this. Stop swallowing everything your TV says.

  5. TBS, this whole time I thought you were a commie, as it turns out, you are the worst kind of commie. You can whine and complain about how stupid an sophmoric Bush is, but what of Polosi. You want to lecture the rest of america on blind loyalty.

    “America’s economy is in shambles,” I only wish you could hear the sarcastic whining that I cannot express with written word.

    I’ll try it again, “Stop swollowing everything your TV says.”

    Was that it. So, If John McCain says it, it must be true, according to you.

    “The resistance forces in both Afghanistan and Iraq are stonger than they’ve ever been–Obi Wan, your my only hope.”

    I see you didn’t take my advice, and borrow a dictionary. My next suggestion is to have someone read it to you.

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