September 29, 2008 — Contents


(1) The Nemtsov White Paper, Part II: Gazprom (Section 3)

(2) Another Original LR Translation:  “An Inhabited Island” via Essel

(3)  EDITORIAL:  Demoracy, Russian Style

(4)  EDITORIAL:  Economics, Russian Style

(5)  Russia’s Gangland Defense Policy

NOTE:  We have an abundance of riches in terms of original content today.  Not one but two original translations from the brilliant pen of Dave Essel, including the final installment in his tranlsation of Part II of the Nemtsov White Paper, and two editorials following that. And it’s all capped off with yet another report in the MSM comaring Russia’ government to a pack of organized criminals.

NOTE:  Ace reporter Michael Totten’s latest report from Georgia — called “The Scorching,” is full of photographs and details from his trip to Borjomi.

One response to “September 29, 2008 — Contents

  1. I never heard before any invading force would systematical and intentional burn thousands of acres of forest (national parks) in order to create ecological catastrophe. It goes beyond any normality and common sense. As I read from Reuters, Russians intentionaly burned 900 acres of national park of Borjomi which contained one of the rarest species of animals and fauna. I wounder if Green Peace will ever raise its concern about this barbarism against nature. They are buzzing about some trees being cut down in rain Forrest but when rare forests are fire bombed and completely devastated, we don’t hear a bip from these so called environmentalists.

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