Special Extra: Medvedev’s Latest Brainstorm

Somewhere, Santayana is weeping.

Just twenty years ago, the USSR launched itself into a furious arms race with a United States led by Republican President Ronald Wilson Reagan. Totally unable to match the mighty American budget as it focused on developing a “Star Wars” space-based missile defense system, the USSR was driven into bankruptcy and final, total collapse.

Russia is a pale shadow of the USSR, with a rapidly declining, short-lived and very sick population much of which lives in indescribable poverty. Even if America’s GDP were to fall by half, it would still be five times larger than Russia’s without considering the resources of its allies. Even if its population fell by half, it would still be larger than Russia’s. And yet, not only have Russians chosen to be governed by a clan of KGB spies who were integral in the USSR’s collapse, those spies have now decided to reinstitute the arms race and announced their own plan to develop a Star Wars system — and they’ve made the announcement while participating in war games with one of America’s most hated rivals.

So now, of course — yawn — America must develop even closer military ties with places like Georgia and Ukraine, must flaunt its military power in “war games” under Russia’s nose, and must launch a retaliatory campaign of to prepare for war in space. While Russia will act totally on its own, America will act with the NATO alliance behind it and many other friends around the world. And all so that Russia can meet exactly the same fate as the USSR.

Somewhere, Santayana is weeping.

5 responses to “Special Extra: Medvedev’s Latest Brainstorm

  1. It is fascinating how the year 2020 has acquired such magical properties for the Russian leadership. Putin and Medvedev always point to the year 2020 as the year that miraculous achievements will be accomplished: the Russian economy will be half the size of the American economy, Russia will lead the field in nanotechnology, and now Russia will “build a space defence system and a new fleet of nuclear submarines by 2020.” Much like the Soviet Union that always promised the miraculous life that awaited the Soviet citizen with the arrival of Communism, Putin and Medvedev keep pointing to the year 2020 as the arrival of the new Russian utopia….

  2. Is there any longer any doubt that we are in a Cold War II? Will the politicians continue to “play nice” with the Evil Empire II as they did with the Islamofacists? Will it take another Pearl Harbor or 9/11 or another smack in America’s face to wake us up? Why does Condi and Gates talk about how much we need Russia? If the Russians do not want to cooperate with the civilized world, then we need to tell them to go to hell. If they will not be cooperative on Iran and N. Korea, then cut them out of the negotiations. They are not helping any way and this will be another show that they do not belong in the club of civilized nations. If they want to sell weapons to Venezuela and Nicaragua, then let’s get a couple of Patriot batteries to Georgia and see how they like it when the world’s most advanced air defense system starts locking up their aircraft. Let’s get some anti-armor weapons to the Georgian military.

    If we keep taking it on the chin and turning the other cheek, we will lose. That is not how Reagan played and he won the first Cold War. We are dealing with a state whose mentality is so based on raw power, that they do not understand diplomacy and democracy. They need to be constantly slapped down to ensure that they do not poison the civil world.

    BTW, has anyone else noticed how similar is the Russian situation to Weimer Germany? Consider:
    – Weimer Republic hyperinflation vs. Russian economy collapse of 1998
    – Weimar humiliation after Versailles vs. Russian felt humiliation after the Cold War I
    – Hitler comes to power through intimidation and rigged elections vs. Putin/Medvedev come to power through intimidation and rigged elections
    – Hitler seizes Sudetenland to “protect” German citizens vs. Russia seizes S. Ossetia and Abkhazia to “protect” “Russian” citizens
    – Chamberlin and the West watch while Germany rearms and hope for “Peace in our time” vs. Germany and France getting fat on Russian gas and oil while Russia rearms

    Where have all the Reagans and Churchills gone? Are we to be stuck with a bunch of Chamberlins and resign ourselves to the rise of the next Evil Empire? How about a call to arms? How about doing something for a change?

  3. Well we should congratulate Russia in starting the new Cold War. I just wanted to share with our fellow readers a quote made by Viktor Kuvaldin (famous Soviet era Political Scientist) who made a following analysis in 1992:

    “The annexation, in some form of South Ossetia and Abkhazia and the possible the break-up of Georgia will soon boomerang on Moscow. Scared by its great-power expansionism, all former Soviet Republics will forsake Russia. We shall return to the times of the cold war, doomed to an ignominious defeat. The Caucasian collisions show the absurdity of the extremist interpretation of the right of nations to self-determination that does not wish to take account of reality nor of the legitimate rights of other people. ” (Chervonnaya Svetlana. Conflict in the Caucasus: Georgia, Abkhazia and the Russian Shadow. Great Britain: Gothic Image Publications 1994)

    Well so far the first two initiatives were carried out by Kremlin, occupation of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, followed by the scare of the constitute republics of the current CIS (Belarus for example), and we only have to wait and see if the other two components of the Cold War resurrection and eventual downfall of Russia will follow. I think it is pretty obvious that both of these factors would follow the first two.

  4. Oleg,

    Wow bravo. Indeed, stricking similarities. I did think about the parallels between Sudetenland and “South Ossetia.” Somewhere in the article from the Political Science review I found this:

    “There are remarkable parallels between the Russian intervention in South Ossetia and in Abkhazia and the German attack on Sudetenland in 1937. Hitler concerned about the rights of the 3.2 million Sudeten Germans in the small Czechoslovakian region who according to the Fuhrer were to be annihilated by Czechs in 1938, marched his army on Sudetenland. Hitler annexed Sudetenland into Germany and purged its non-German population. Similarly, Vladimir Putin and President Medvedev ordered their troops to cross the boundaries of the sovereign state from the Roki tunnel under the pretext of “stopping the genocide” of ethnic Ossetians by Georgia. As in 1938 when Britain, France and the Soviet Union were aware that Hitler planned to strike at the Sudetenland and perhaps the whole of Czechoslovakia, before the August 7, 2008 it was also known by many annalists and politicians in the west that Russia was planning to provoke a war with Georgia in one of its break-away regions. “

  5. The twelve year plan has replaced the five year plan. How could anyone argue?

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