Special Extra: Tymoshenko Puts Her Foot Down

Get lost, Russians!

Get lost, Russians!

Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko has called for Ukraine to eject Russia’s Black Sea fleet from its base in Sevastopol when its current lease runs out in 2017, embracing the policy of Ukrainian president Viktor Yushchenko. 

Tymoshenko, who could be Yushchenko’s successor, declared: “We need to maintain this agreement until 2017 and then we need to make Ukraine a zone free of any military bases.”

Only 30% of Sevastopol residents favor union with Russia, and regardless of what they want Russia itself has formally and repeatedly agreed that Crimea is permanently part of Ukraine.  Russians, however, couldn’t care less about that, and are already making noises about refusing to leave regardless of the desires of the Ukrainian people or their government.  Ukraine, of course, is counterbalancing those threats by moving rapidly to join NATO and the EU.

The loss of Russia’s Black Sea base in Ukraine is yet another consequences of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s catastrophic failure to maintain good relations with Georgia, culminating in his barbaric use of military force.  If the people of Russia do not move to hold him accountable for his failure, there will only be more dire consequences for Russian interests abroad.

5 responses to “Special Extra: Tymoshenko Puts Her Foot Down

  1. rooshans quite often bluster about how Crimea is “really part of roosha.”

    Here is an informed response from someone who knows better, the Ambassador of Ukraine to the United Kingdom.

    Note all of the rooshan bluster from Kremlinites in the comments section of the article.


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  3. Thanks for this timely update. I found your article while doing some follow up for a piece we did yesterday regarding the Russian legislation potentially giving Russian citizenship to 8 million Ukrainians.

    Our US editor has a Ukrainian wife, and thus has some unique insights.


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  5. Boy I tell you, politics in Eastern Europe are strange. Tymoshenko is first Yushchenko right hand in the Orange “Revolution” against Yanukovych. Yushchenko then fired Tymoshenko and gives her position to Yanukovych. And now Tymoshenko is back to her position. The unbelievable incompetence of capitalist governments; especially those groomed by the dumbest sap that ever lived: George W. Bush. The only thing good about Tymoshenko that I can say is that she’s the hottest capitalist I’ve ever seen;)


    How right you are! And strangest of all in the largest EE country, Russia, where the barbarian population has freely chosen to be governed by a KGB madman who is driving the stock market to ruin and the population to extinction, all while provoking the world’s most powerful country into a war Russia cannot win and totally alienating every ally Russia might have claimed. Maybe the Ukrainians are just doing what their former slavemasters taught them!

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