EDITORIAL: Russia’s Fist in America’s Belly


Russia’s Fist in America’s Belly

The major Russian daily newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda has opened a valuable window into Russian society by creating an English-language version of its website.  A recent article entitled “Russia’s Fist in America’s Belly” (in Russian “«Русский кулак» под брюхом Америки“) goes a long way in illustrating just how seriously we can take the Kremlin’s claims that it wants a peaceful, cooperative relationship with the West.

For the uninitiated, the newspaper Pravda (“Truth”) was of course one of the basic propaganda organs of the USSR.  Along with its counterpart Izvestia (“Information”), these two papers continue operating to this day, without so much as a name change.  That alone should tell you quite a lot about how much has really changed in Russia (an old Soviet joke ran:  “There’s no information in ‘Truth’ and no truth in ‘Information'”).  and Komsomolskaya Pravda is an even more politicized name, since the “komsomol” was the youth indoctrination forum of the Communist Party. It’s as if Germany were still publishing a magazine called “Hitler Youth Life” two decades after the collapse of the Nazi regime.

The KP article contains some interesting claims. 

First, it states that the two warships Russia is sailing into the Carribean (the Peter the Great and Admiral Chabanenko) are capable of defeating the navies of all the nations of both North and South America, excluding that of the U.S., combined.  Apparently, Russia doesn’t feel it has enough enemies in Europe and Asia already.

Then it states: “The U.S. navy has a lot more to worry about now. And U.S. civilians are hardly enthused about Russian ships sailing nearby with nuclear weapons.”  Direct threats to U.S. civilians from Russian nuclear weapons. Nice.

Finally, it trumpets: “Immediately after two Russian Tu-160 strategic bombers returned from Venezuela to their base in the Saratov region, a convoy of combat ships from the Northern Fleet set sail for the Caribbean.” As if one threat of nuclear genocide was not enough, let’s have another!

You’d be pretty hard-pressed to find a headline in a major American newspaper like “America’s Fist in Russia’s Belly,” unless perhaps it was criticizing America policy as too aggressive and offensive to Russia, dangerously risking an outbreak of war.  A headline like that over an article bragging about American military power being shoved in Russia’s face would likely be viewed as far to barbaric for a civilized newspaper to publish, and would foment a storm of controversy if it appeared.

But you won’t find any articles worrying about the Kremlin provoking the world’s only superpower, and undermining the interests of the people of Russia, in major Russian newspapers like KP.  Instead, what you’ll find are many, many other pieces just like this one, and you’d find the TV news full of exactly the same crude, vulgar stuff as well.

Does Russia really imagine it can use blunt threats of violence to make U.S. resistance to neo-Soviet aggression crumble and disappear?  Are Russians really so oblivious of their own history that they don’t know how long and hard the USSR tried that tactic, only to find itelf stuffed rudely into the ashcan of history?  Do they really think that Russia, a mere shadow of the USSR, will have better luck the second time around?

This is barbarism, pure and simple.  It gives the lie to everything Dima Medvedev and Vlad Putin have said about being the innocent victims of aggression, and it’s only one story. Dozens like it appear in the state-controlled Russian press every single day of the week, and tens of millions of Russians lap it up like cream.  There is no opposition political party to challenge it and no significant independent media establishment to  monitor it. Every day, Russia becomes more and more blind to reality, leading even its highest leaders to issue paranoid fiats about American plots that embarrass even the most ardent of Russophiles.

It is truly the beginning of the end for Russia.

11 responses to “EDITORIAL: Russia’s Fist in America’s Belly

  1. I have yet to understand why Putin allows this type of Political smut journalism to exist in a country where he controls the press. How can you be outraged at a blog that hardly anyone reads criticizing the FSB and then turn around and have your own stooges print something so incendiary. Unless of course it was intentional. Since the Kremlin has a tight noose around journalists necks, you can only conclude that it is. The Kremlin is giving red meat to the Russian prols, but they are not helping their image abroad. I can’t understand the logic of that, unless of course they still don’t understand that they actually need friends in the West.

  2. With all due respect, I found this KP article quite non-emotional. It lists the facts without editorializing. In fact, it reflects the intentions of Russian government vis-a-vis USA – and reflects quite accurately. But I didn’t get the cheering for such aggressive intentions. So, let’s not kill the messenger!

    By the way, the English translation is atrocious. I am saying that not in order to take a jab at KP, but only to indicate that it is not the case where it’s one message for internal audience, and quite another for English speakers (as quite common in Arab press).

  3. Are the polls in Russia accurate, or are the people afraid to give their real opinion? How can a beaty eyed little commie like Putin have an 80% approval rating?

  4. Hi, guys. Are you happy now? Russophobe’s wildest dreams come true! You were missing good ol’ USSR, weren’t ya?

  5. 2Bill: How could someone like George W. whose IQ is plainly written on his face be elected U.S. President then? And I’m sure that today American people deserves a better choice than between McCain and Obama.


    We realize you have no interest in actual facts, but it so happens that George Bush graduated honorably from BOTH Harvard AND Yale.

    Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin is a proven plagiarist whose educational credentials have been utterly discredited.

  6. To Russophobe: I thought Eugene was interested in his IQ.

  7. To Bill: instead of calling Russians “commies” which is old history already, you’d better look at what US is doing: creating state capitalism and “socialism” at the expense of the taxpayer. And if your memory is so good, then remember that Americans are slave-traders and their first president George Washington was a typical slave-owner. It doesn’t seem to prevent americans from idolizing him.
    As to the article in question – it pales compared to the motto, goals and intentions of this site. And seeing that it is controlled by Bush and Cheney (don’t deny it – I know it just as well as you know that Putin controls KP), so we know that this project of yours is a reckless provocation of the US rulers dangerously risking an outbreak of war.

  8. To Vladik, slavery is something that can never be rationalized. American revolutionaries had to make concessions because they needed a consensus. After all they were faced with the strongest military power in the world.

    The only way they would get it is if they allowed a loophole. It took far to long for that loophole to be closed in my opinion.

    You don’t solve a puzzle by looking at the scattered pieces, and saying that’s wrong.

  9. Vladik, if you truly believe that this blog has the ability to further provoke the United Sates in to war with Russia, I BEG YOU, CONTINUE TO PROVOCATE! Your dictator is much more of a threat not only to US security, but global security as well. Hopefully we can strap a camera to the 50 caliber bullet that US Special Forces stick between Putin’s eyes. Russia can be a great country with all of the resources it hasm but Putin has earned his place amongst the likes of Hitler and Stalin, and should be dealt with accordingly. Do undertand, it is not the Russian people that should be punished, but if Putin wants a war with the US as much as he seems to, I pray to God that the US oblige him sooner than later. A much simpler solution would be to kill the root of the problem, and the root is Putin. I am quite certain that there is a very hot and dark spot awaiting him in Hell.

  10. John Adams,

    Here here.

  11. Or rather,

    hear hear.

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