September 22, 2008 — Contents


(1)  Nemtsov on Black Tuesday, via Essel

(2)  EDITORIAL:  Back to the USSR

(3)  The Horror of Russia’s Blogosphere Crackdown

(4)  Goble on the Ossetia Quagmire

(5)  Russia: Racist, Aggressive, Deluded, Scary

(6)  Russia Can’t Afford Putin

NOTE:  The second part of Kim Zigfeld’s examination of the malignant activities of “Monterey Institute” professor Gordon Hahn, and his recent duping of Wired magazine’s “military correspondent” David Axe, is up and running on Pajamas Media.  Last time, Kim showed how Axe totally failed to warn readers about Hahn’s latant pro-Kremlin biases.  Now, she explodes the factual underpinnings of Hahn’s statments themselves.

NOTE:  Civil Georgia reports that while Russia killed 168 Georgia soldiers during its barbaric recent assault, it murdered 188 civilians — roughly the same number as Russia claims were killed by Georgian forces in Ossetia, an act Russia calls “genocide.”

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