EDITORIAL: Neo-Soviet Russia, Unhinged


Neo-Soviet Russia, Unhinged

Russia’s crazed unilateral escalation of the new cold war continues apace.  One might have thought that a civilized country would refrain from taking such provocative actions at least until its stock market had stopped collapsing, but then the world now begins to see that Russia is not, in fact, a civilized country. Look what Russia has done in just the past few days:

  • First, Russia announced a massive new escalation in its military budget.  The United States, of course, and its NATO allies will respond in kind, and a new arms race will be born.
  • Then, ignoring the concerted opinion of the entire civilized world, Russia inked formal treaties of mutual defense with the breakaway Georgian regions of Ossetia and Abkhazia.  Russia’s neighbors in Asia strongly condemned the move, as did all the Western democracies.  America and her NATO allies can now do likewise in regard to Russia’s breakaway regions, Ingushetia and Chechnya, just for instance.   
  • Still not content, Russia initiated another frenzied drive towards seizing the fossil fuels of the Arctic region.  A whole new facet of cold war arms racing will thus be born in the frozen north.
  • As if that were not enough, Russia threatened to instigate a second Cuban missile crisis.  Is the U.S. now free to install a space program in Kazakhstan? It appears so.
  • And finally, Russia sent nuclear bombers into the Carribean.  Naturally, the U.S. and its NATO allies will now feel themselves free to circulate their own nuclear bombers in places like Ukraine, Georgia and the Baltics.

All in just one week! Russia took all these actions in an utterly unilateral manner, without the support of even one other major nation of the world and flouting the clear opposition of most.

One would think that if Russia were even casually familiar with its own history, it would know that the provocation of conflict with the outside world has destroyed Russia twice in the past century.  Tsarsist Russia was obliterated by its folly in World War I, and the USSR was destroyed by World War II and the Cold War.  And they should realize that Russia is in terms of both economics and population a mere shadow of the USSR, with none of the “Warsaw Pact” allies the Soviet Union could claim — while America by contrast has only grown stronger and increased the size of the NATO fold dramtically.

But, of course, as we have routinely documented on this blog, Russians don’t know their own history — not least because the proud KGB spy who governs them is blithely rewriting it to suit his own whim. And they can’t fairly judge their current national competitive position, because Putin has also liquidated the mass media that would inform them about it.  Internet or no, Russians are rapidly becoming just as blindly ignorant as were their Soviet ancestors.

And then it moved into the truly surreal.  Horrified at the prospect that NATO would actually dare to respond forcefully by this litany of outrageous provocations, as it did by convening a plenary session in Tbilisi, the Russian Foreign Ministry released a statement that read in part: Decisions taken … confirmed that in NATO, the Cold War-era reflexes of ‘them and us’ are at work once again. We cannot view steps to intensify relations between the alliance and Georgia any other way than as encouragement for new adventures … We believe the alliance’s session in Tbilisi in the current conditions was not timely and does not help stabilisation in the region.

In other words, Russia accused NATO of starting the trouble!  Coming on the heels of the Russian Foreign Minister’s berzerk obscenity-laden tirade against his British counterpart during a diplomatic discussion, and the earlier attempts to blame the Georgia crisis on the U.S. presidential elections, this Russian statement genuinely makes it seem that the Kremlin is fully irrational, run amok.  No reasonable interpretation of recent events can explain how Russian actions are in its own best interests.  Europe announced new support for a pipeline to deliver Nigerian gas.  Missiles are on their way to Poland. Relations with Georgia and Ukraine are destroyed, formally so in the case of Georgia.  The stock market is in ruins, and perhaps worst of all Russia has been exposed as utterly friendless in the world, even when attacking the hated U.S.A.

Yet Russia continues the escalation, just as the USSR had done before it.  Santayana might be modified as follows: “Those who never learn history are doomed to repeat it until they destroy themselves.”

7 responses to “EDITORIAL: Neo-Soviet Russia, Unhinged

  1. Contrary to what wet dreams you russophobes may have about a neo Cold War, the European NATO imperialists who rely on Russia for oil and other things, have not taken a hostile action such as sanctions, nor will they. I hate to shatter your hopes, but neither Chechnya or Ingushetia i a concern for the West. In both wars the USA and their western cronies fully supported Russia action to maintain its “territorial integrity”.

    You claim Russians don’t know their history, but you know even less. Your absurd notion that Czarist Russia started WWI shows how little you know. It was started by competing imperialist powers. The Czar was brought down by his people. The USSR was sold out by the ruling party bureaucrats. America has grown stronger? A Nightmare on Wall Street. Thanks to Bush and his useless “war on terror”.


    Learn to read, ape. We didn’t say Tsarist Russia STARTED World War I we said it was DEFEATED and OBLITERATED by it after bungling the battles and losing the war.

    Europe is getting gas from Nigeria now. Don’t you read the papers? The Soviets always used to talk real big just like you — and where are they now, you moron?

  2. And to put some salt on the bolshevik’s wounds, it seems that all the major US and western indices are going up already :)

    Oh, and let’s watch closely tomorrow what will happen with Russian index as they open their RTS…

  3. LR why didn’t you publish Condy Rice attack on Russia today? It was pretty powerful.


    We did! See our secondary editorial.


    LR knows all, sees all, tells all ;) Well, most of the time.

  4. I think Tower Bolshevik needs to go back to his camp in Kolyma and beat some more slaves.

  5. “First, Russia announced a massive new escalation in its military budget. The United States, of course, and its NATO allies …” – wait! “And its NATO allies”? Do you really think that is still a valid term? Majority of Europeans, at least on the continent, would disagree to some extent. This is evidenced by lack of any REAL support among major continential EU members for belligerent rhetoric coming out of Washington.

    LA RUSSOPHOBE RESPONDS: Dude, you’ve been drinking too much neo-Soviet vodka and not reading LR nearly enough. Didn’t you catch our report on how the whole NATO contingent just traveled to Georgia to show solidarity and poke Russia in the eye? Didn’t you notice how the EU just put Ukraine on final approach for admission? Didn’t you see the massive arms and development package, the billions, that the U.S. is putting together? Please stop lying so ignorantly, we implore you. You simply look stupid repeating Putin’s propaganda among people who are familiar with what is happening.

    “A new arms race”? Do you actually try do any serious analysis or just digg up old Cold War phrases from dusty State Department manuals? Russia has learned well from the mistakes of USSR. Fool me once, shame on me…Star Wars and its descendant programs are a joke. Until the possibility, that even a few Russian nukes (Bulava or what have you) will reach the American soil, keeps MAD in place. As in regards to increased Russian military spending, it was not done to finance a new arms race, the funding for the Russian army has been cut drastically during the 90’s, so its only logical that its been raised. They are not building hundreds of ICBMs you know, just channeling money into a few key technologies, that will not give them an overall advantage, but will ensure the ability to strike back, lethaly.

    LA RUSSOPHOBE RESPONDS: Only logical? When Russians don’t live to reach age 60 and 1 million are lost from the population each year? Only logical? When Russians work for $4 an hour on average and are being ravaged by AIDS, fire, auto crashes and plane crashes? Serious analysis? Our post is FULL of research links. Your comment doesn’t contain A SINGLE ONE. Please don’t drink and post, we frown on alcoholism.

    “ignoring the concerted opinion of the entire civilized world”? By “civilized world” you mean the elite of US, UK and their surrogate governments in Poland, Ukraine and Baltics (I discount other EU nations because they were arm-twisted into criticizing Russia)? What kind of a concept is that anyways? Civilized world. Who are we to judge who is civilized or not? Are Chinese not civilized? Are Indians not civilized? Whar about Africans? None of them “concerted” with the State Department and NATO. They are waiting to see what Russia can offer for cooperation, but to think that they agree with US dominated new world order is a complete absurdity.

    LA RUSSOPHOBE RESPONDS: And you mean Nicaragua, Hamas and Hezbollah. Impressive! Nice! Maybe next you can sign up Lukashenko!

    To think that US can do likewise with Chechnya and Ingushetia is also quite unrealistic. In fact its embarassing to come to such conclusions. First of all it will mean supporting radical wahhabist terrorists, which majority of Americans rightfully view as a much bigger threat than Christian, white Russians. Second of all that is hardly possible. Pro-Russian governments in both republics are ruthless and strong. A considerable majority of Chechens and Ingushs would rather throw their lot with Russia, then US. They are rebuilding their republics with huge Russian subsidies, their students, the future elite are educated in best universities of Russia. You underestimate if you think that nations of Caucases will take US bait again. Just look at Chechen “Vostok” regiment (precisely those “independence” fighters that you assume US can inspire to rebell) rolling through Georgia.

    LA RUSSOPHOBE RESPONDS: It’s not the least bit unrealistic if you compare the size of NATO’s military power with Chechnya. Was it “realistic” that the USSR would collapse without a shot being fired? Do you think AT ALL before you write on our blog, you mindless troll?

    Russia seizing fossil fuels in the Arctic? Good for them. We should do the same. As the State Department spokesperson said today, “The Russian Federation is within its rights to delineate an extended continental shelf so long as the outer limits are consistent with international law as supported by sound scientific data.

    LA RUSSOPHOBE RESPONDS: We’re going to! And that will result in a competition Russia can’t pay for which will banrupt them and destroy Russia as we know it, just as the USSR and Tsarist Russia were destroyed.

    Second Cuban Missile Crisis? Nuclear bombers in the Carribean (by the way they had no nuclear ammo on board)? Oh, cmon. According to Condie those two rusted planes are no threat whatsoever. Space program in Kazakhstan? Doubt the Kazakhs would agree. They are still sort of pissed about the Borat movie and quater of population is ethnic Russians. I’m not even going to mention their extremely close ties with Russia, only Belarus is closer. Besides, shouldn’t we invest in our own space program here in US? The space shuttle is retiring soon and NASA has no funding for a new one yet. So yeah, we will be launching to space from Baikonur. Except on Russian spacecraft and for millions of dollars.

    LA RUSSOPHOBE RESPONDS: Hmmm. So Russian’s won’t mind if Americans fly nuclear bombers into Georgia and Ukraine? Great! We’ll make note of it. And if Putin say anything, you’ll be sure to remind him, won’t you?

  6. oh yeah, Russia’s going to have a hit on its hands in Sochi 2014.
    just as big as Moscow in 1980.
    I’m curious as to the unraveling of Russia… so many things seem to be falling apart at once.

  7. 2marc: 2014 is still far distant… and Mad Mishiko Sabakashvili who started a war on the date of the Beijing Olypmics opening showed the whole world that there are more important things than Olympic Games.

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