EDITORIAL: The Story of David and Goliaputin


The Story of David and Goliaputin

See that fellow above? Sure, you see him. He’s the one standing next to the burning cross and wearing the KKK costume.  The one who’s probably just about ready to go lynch some black and/or Jewish children, and likely salivating at the prospect.

His name is David Duke, an infamous American wacko and racist, proud card-carrying member of the Ku Klux Klan.  Think of him as Pat Buchanan without the pretense.

And guess what! Just like Pat, David Loves Vladimir Putin’s KGB-dominated, hyper-racist state of Russia!

If you ask him, David will tell you that Russia was perfectly innocent in the recent Georgia conflict, and Georgia was the aggressor. And anyone who says differently is only the victim of “the Jewish-influenced media” which “has been dishonestly reporting that the Zionist-allied Georgian state” was the victim of Russian aggression.  This is no surprise, of course, because Russia leads the world in race murders and race-violence, as we’ve reported chapter and verse right here on this blog (just click the “racism” link in the categories section of our sidebar to read all the horrifying details).

So the terrorists of Hamas and Hezbollah think Putin was right.  And the crazed left-wing dictatorship of Nicaragua thinks Putin was right. And the Ku Klux Klan is quite sure Putin was right.

And everybody else? Well they don’t think so, but that is only because they are all part of a vast right-wing Jewish conspiracy to ruin the reputation of poor, innocent, darkie-murdering, Jew-liquidating Russia, the sole force for good and justice in the modern world. 

You can tell all you need to about Russia by seeing who its friends are. There really isn’t any better proof of just how far gone Putin’s Russia really is than that it is beloved by the likes of David Duke, Pat Buchanan, Hugo Chavez and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.  Therir support alone ought to be more than enough for any thinking person to realize that the KGB Kremlin is an evil entity that must be resisted with every means available, especially when you reflect on the abject silence of the Russian people as their government collects this “support” in their name.  And the craven people of Russia are similarly silent about the epidemic of race violence on their streets, being carried out likewise in their name.


6 responses to “EDITORIAL: The Story of David and Goliaputin

  1. he lived in moscow for several months too in the late 90s. he went to a gastronom near kropotinksoye metro.he’d meet with rightwingers like zhirinovksii, etc–but i believe he had to return to the states for a court date. but yea—my point’s that he and moscow go way back.

  2. Why isn’t this guy in Gitmo? Just look at him! He mingles with known terrorists!

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  5. Although I disagree with racism, David Duke represents a beneficial force that can revolutionize the beliefs of “white culture” in the United States. In a time wherein most whites dispel beliefs of identity, out of fear of ridicule, he has the honorable potentiality to present reasons to bind whites together in the European motherland and the U.S. to embrace Christian traditions and become powerful once more, as we once were in the 1920s and times past.

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