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September 17, 2008 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL: Getting Tough with Russia

(2)  EDITORIAL: The Valdai Atrocity

(3)  Putin talks Crazy to CNN

(4)  Advice of the Day on Russia: Don’t Drink the Water!

(5)  EDITORIAL:  The Story of David and Goliaputin

(6)  Putin the Wimp

(7)  Russians Questioning Putin’s War

NOTE: A plethora of editorials today (three to be exact), two of which (#2 and #5) focus on Russia’s friends. You can tell a lot about a country by the company it keeps — in this case, those it bribes silly and those who are racist lunatics.  We also have more good news on how Russia is developing enemies within Russia itself (#7).

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EDITORIAL: Getting Tough with Russia


Getting Tough with Russia

On Monday morning, Russians woke to news that all 26 ambassadors of NATO, and its Secretary General, were in Tbilisi conferencing with Georgia’s President Mikheil Saakashvili, who their president has called a “criminal.”  Guess that makes all the leaders of the NATO countries criminals too, huh Vlad?  The NATO chief explained the purpose of the visit: “We want to show our support for Georgia after what we have seen from the Russian side.”  The meeting comes in advance of a NATO summit in December which could result in Ukraine and Georgia both being given formalized NATO status.  It seems the world is finally waking up and getting tough with Russia.

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EDITORIAL: The Atrocity called Valdai


The Atrocity Called Valdai

Russia has established a tradition of offering an all-expenses-paid luxury trip to the Kremlin for a pack of foriegn Russia-watchers so that they can hobnob with the nation’s highest official, feel like bigshots “in the know” and learn the “truth” about Russia.  So naturally this year, the crowd at the “Valdai Discussion Club” (which we’ve previously exposed for the nasty little Potemkin village of collaborators that it is — and very rarely to its participants dislose the extent of financial benefits they received when they write about their experiences) hung out with Vladimir Putin at his palacial compound in the resort town of Sochi.

What’s that, you say? Putin isn’t Russia’s highest official?  That “honor” belongs to Dmitri Medvedev, the man who didn’t attend the Olympic games this year in Beijing, either?   The Valdai Club didn’t spend any time with the prime minister last year or the year before?

Welcome to neo-Soviet reality, dear friend.

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Putin Talks Crazy to CNN

Russian “president” Vladimir Putin was interviewed by CNN last Thursday, speaking to correspondent Matthew Chance. To put it mildly, Putin doesn’t come off too well in the interview, and Russia’s propaganda machine immediately cranked up to full-bore lunacy in an attempt to smear CNN.

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Advice of the Day on Russia: Don’t Drink the Water!

You’d think that faced with epic problems like AIDS, air safety, fire safety, highway safety, smoking, drinking, toxic water supplies and the plummeting population they cause, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin would have better things to do than go around provoking wars with tiny neighbors. But it seems not. Paul Goble reports on yet another tourist advisory where Russia is concerned: Don’t drink the water!

Russia has the largest amount of fresh water of any country on earth, but much of the water coming out of taps in that country’s cities and towns contains so many harmful substances that many people there are turning to filters and bottled water, two choices that experts say do not always work as intended.

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EDITORIAL: The Story of David and Goliaputin


The Story of David and Goliaputin

See that fellow above? Sure, you see him. He’s the one standing next to the burning cross and wearing the KKK costume.  The one who’s probably just about ready to go lynch some black and/or Jewish children, and likely salivating at the prospect.

His name is David Duke, an infamous American wacko and racist, proud card-carrying member of the Ku Klux Klan.  Think of him as Pat Buchanan without the pretense.

And guess what! Just like Pat, David Loves Vladimir Putin’s KGB-dominated, hyper-racist state of Russia!

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Putin the Wimp

The Moscow Times reports that Vladimir Putin doesn’t have as much guts as George Bush, and can’t handle being teased on TV. What a wimp!

So rare is it to hear anything but fawning praise for Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on national television that the mere mention of his name in a less-than-flattering context can put television hosts and producers on the edge of a nervous breakdown. Such was the case on a recent evening on state-owned Rossia television, one of the Kremlin’s more servile media outlets.

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Russians Questioning Putin’s War

Paul Goble reports:

As Russia’s financial and political difficulties mount, some Russians in an increasing number of sectors are beginning to question the wisdom of Moscow’s decision to send troops into Georgia, with one analyst suggesting that the only thing Russia got out of this conflict was “a sense of euphoria.”

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