The Only thing we have to fear is Russia itself

Finrosforum editorializes on Europe’s strange fear of Russia:

The caution with which Europe, and Finland in particular, relates to what is happening in Russia has, I believe, deeper roots than mere political and economic convenience. The disease we suffer from is not hatred of Russia and the Russians, which is, after all, a rather marginal phenomenon, but outright fear of our big eastern neighbour. This fear prevents us from beholding Russia the same way that we look at other states and nations. Instead, Russia is regarded as a special case, and we concede that the rules that apply to Russia differ from those that apply to other countries.

This fear enables the criminal gang that is keeping a stranglehold on Russia to justify its violations of basic universal rights. The fear plays into the hands of those who argue that Russian values are fundamentally different from those of the West.

As long as Europe is afraid of Russia, democracy has no chance of succeeding in Russia. Conversely, once Europe begins to treat Russia with the same rules as it treats any other country, the pseudolegitimacy of the current criminal regime will cease to exist.

Yet I am afraid it is too late now. Too late for the West to stop the inhumanity in Russia. Europe has failed; the West has failed. It has failed to help the people of the Russian Federation to assert their basic rights. It has failed itself.

What right did Europe, which embodies democratic values, have to abandon 140 million Russians –half of Europe– to the unimpeded will of a fascist dictatorship?

The West has failed to defend in Russia the values that it defines itself with. By doing so, we have condemned Russia and Russians to live by rules that are diametrically opposed to those of the so-called Free World. The West has cast Russians into a black hole.

Please ask yourself: What will Europe become given that we have let this happen? What will the consequences of its inaction and cowardice be to the West itself?

The answer should be obvious for anyone not hampered by double vision: The decision to abandon Russia and the Russians will rot our society from within.

The failure of the West has made it impossible for change in Russia to come about without a societal cataclysm. The West’s indifference to the heinous crimes committed by the current regime is pushing resistance to state terror into the lap of forces that despise Western values.

This is something that took years for the Chechen resistance to find out. Now it no longer feels any need to appeal to the West. How long will it take before other repressed peoples and political movements in Russia come to the same conclusion?

What will the world be like then?

4 responses to “The Only thing we have to fear is Russia itself

  1. The Russian people had the yoke of communism removed in 1991, what did they do with that opportunity? Elected communists to their Duma, they should have been prosecuting them for crimes against humanity like Nazi’s. I believe that communism has been a scourge on humanity, and has literally ruined millions of people. Purging Christianity from the Russian culture also lead to a people with a twisted set of morals, not suitable for developing a democratic state. Democracy requires wide eyed participation for it to work, not the kind of cynisism that most people in Russia display. Another factor is the pathological mistrust of all things foreign in the Russian mindset, that and the over sized ego of the Russian character which will not allow a foreign idea to have been superior to a Russian idea. To bad that large Russian ego couldn’t be used to fight against evil, instead of nurturing it. When looking for why Russia is a failure, Russians need to look in the mirror.

  2. Europe is not Russia’s mama and it is not her responsibility to be patronizing towards Russia and teach Russians democratic values. Russians are not little children – they are big boys who should know better. If, after centuries of slavery, torture and tyranny, Russians have not learned the benefits of democracy – they never will.
    US and Europe are not ideal and care free societies that have nothing better to do than spread their values and way of life to others. They have plenty of their own problems and it is high time for other countries to step up to the plate to help save the world.
    Russia is not in the world saving business – it is in the trouble maker business feeling content and satisfied only when others around it feel miserable.
    I don’t think Europe abandoned Russia “…to the unimpeded will of a fascist dictatorship” – Russians accomplished this feat all by themselves. There were anywhere from 30 to 50 millions Russians tortured and murdered by KGB in Gulags and still Russians opted to elect KGB in the highest office of power and they love and admire them and absolutely detest and loath the West and its values.
    It would be easy to show that throughout the Russian history any ruler that ever tried to do anything good for Russia was murdered or declared feeble minded ,whereas, criminally insane psychopaths like Ivan the Terrible or Peter the great who tortured and killed millions were greatly admired as empire builders, reformists and modernizers.
    Face it, Russians dearly love their executioners and we should stop pretending that they have been duped and are innocent victims of KGB manufactured lies. There is plenty of good information available on the internet but Russians only choose to believe the worst lies about the West and they despise it just like American Uber-Liberals.

    It is ultimate naiveté and stupidity on the part of western do-gooders to attempt to save Russians from “..criminal gang” because Russians do not think they are being ruled by criminals, far from it, they believe those rulers made the country great. Based on my reading of various Russian forums, watching their TV and talking to many Russians living in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Germany, France and US and having just a moment ago a nasty political powwow with another Russian that made my blood boil I have the following impressions about present day Russian mentality:

    1.Russians could not care less about tens of millions murdered by KGB and they LOVE Putin and his “criminal gang”. However, they think that George Bush is absolutely EVIL man. Should we be surprised – Madonna latest tour features photos of John McCain and Hitler on one side and Obama and Al Gore on the other.
    2.Russians are incapable of seeing any difference between Kosovo and Georgia
    3.Russians do not want to be members of EU or NATO or G8 or to be part of anything – they want to do whatever the hell they please without being hampered by any international rules.
    4.Russians that reside in the west do not see any difference between US and Russia political regimes – they keep telling me about tortures at Abu Ghraib and CIA torture sites throughout the world. I tell them that worse tortures await those that wish to get into Amercan Ivy league college sororities but they don’t believe me :)
    5.Do not expect Russains to show any gratitide when West finances and provides them with technology and drilling equipment etc. They think that West is USING Russia and its resources for their own greedy purposes.
    6.Russians do not see any difference between US trying to impose sanctions on Iran and Russia using gas and oil as a political tool against Europe.
    7.Russians do not think of their KGB rulers as kleptokrats – they honestly believe that all the money was stolen from Russia by Beresovsky.
    8.The whole world is out to destroy Russia and is working tirelessly to bring this greatest country on earth down and keep it down.
    9.I can’t think of one single thing that West did for Russia that was not cynically twisted and turned on its head by them.
    Seems to me, the West should stop blaming itself for everything bad that happens in this world and stop thinking that democratic system of values and governance is an answer to all countries problems and is a panacea for everyone. They need to accept the simple fact that there are a lot of bad people out there who have no desire to be good, polite, cooperative and civilized. They should talk to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov more often if they don’t believe me.
    Maybe it is time for western countries to stop talking and moralizing and stop trying to create welfare heaven in their countries and start getting strong – really strong – militarilly, economically etc.. Another idea, and I don’t believe I am writing this, but perhaps they should give a nod to Germans to get into shape? Politically correct BS aside, who else in Europe can handle Russia and keep it in check?

  3. Europe is “afraid of Russia” because two “great promoters of European values” who tried to bring them to Russia – Napoleon and Hitler – were routed. As to “the pathological mistrust of all things foreign in the Russian mindset” – Communism was imported to Russia from the West, wasn’t it?

  4. Ah, clever little rooskie – everything “evil” comes from “the West.”

    By the time Lenin and his gang, and Stalin and successors got done with it, “communism” in roosha was just fascism or tsarism with a different name. Lenin took over the palace and stayed in it with his thugs.

    Today, it’s just tsarism all over again.

    Eddie, you hit the nail squarely on the head.

    “velikaya” oily orthodox roosha – what a bunch of maroons.

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