September 15, 2008 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL: Those Pesky Neo-Soviet Chickens, Roosting

(2)  EDITORIAL:  Robert Amsterdam, Asleep at the Switch?

(3)  Palin on Russia

(4)  Goble Exposes Russian Lies on Destruction of Ossetia

(5)  The Only thing we Have to Fear is Russia Itself

(6)  The Foreign Minister of Russia is a Thug

(7)  Exploding Myths about Russia: A Photo Essay

NOTE:  Susan Keating, of the eponymous blog, e-mails to say she attended testimony on Georgia by the departments of State and Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff before the Senate Armed Services Committee on Russian aggression in Georgia.  The statements of the witnesses can be read online.  Please write your senator or congressperson and tell them to bring back the VOA Russia service, which was cancelled just days before Georgia was attacked. It’s an atrocity of our own making, and must be reversed.

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