September 12, 2008 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL: The Cold War, Part II

(2)  Another Original LR Translation:  About those Ossetian Passports, via Essel

(3)  Nemtsov on Gazprom

(4)  Neo-Soviet Russia, on the Warpath

(5)  Another International Evaluation, another Pathetic Failing Score for Russia

(6)  On the Russian Anschluss into Georgia

(7)  Russian Forces Harassing Jounalists in Georgia

(8)  Putin vs. Hankey, the Steel Cage Match!

NOTE: Today we offer a jolting array of reports from the front lines of the new cold war with Russia, which is heating up with every day that passes. Russia’s only hope for victory is that Chamberlainian appeasement will rule the day.  We also offer a stunning variety of original content which no other Russia blog in the world can match. We’ve edited Boris Nemstov’s brilliant addition to his White Paper, focussing now on Gazprom; we’ve translated from the Russian press, and we’ve editorialized at length on the new cold war.

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