Russia’s “Little Brother” Proves its Lineage

Chips off the old Russian block

Chips off the old Russian block

The Americans dominated their grand slam event in New York City last week.  Serena Williams won the women’s title and seized the #1 world ranking, and Americans won the both the men’s and women’s doubles titles as well as the girl’s title. 

No Russian player made the finals of any event in the tournament, and it might have been better if Novak Djokovic and Jelena Jancovic (shown above), who hail from Serbia, which Russians consider their “little Slavic brother,” hadn’t made the trip.  If to judge by their shameful antics, Serbians have little regard for sportsmanship. 

Matched against two of the most classy and sportsmenlike players in the game, Serena Williams and Roger Federer, the two Serbians disgraced themselves.  Djokovic was easily brushed aside by Federer in their semi-finals contest, and after the match petulantly blamed the crowd for loudly supporting Federer and thereby interfering with his play, resulting in his being booed off the court by the assembled fans.  During her match with Williams, Jancovic repeatedly and churlishly accused the great champion of illegally milking the clock between points, drawing her own round of castigation from the crowd.  Williams seemed to toy with Jancovic like a cat with a mouse; in the opening set Jancovic held a break and 40-love advantage before Williams simply switched into another game and whipped her 6-4.  Jancovic held four sets points in the next set, and lost them all to lose in straights.

This behavior was particularly grotesque coming from Jancovic, who is known on the tour as one of the players most likely to utilize sharp gamesmanship tactics to win matches.  Jancovic is a fundamental fraud, the only player ever to rise to the #1 ranking (which she held for just one week) without ever having appeared in a grand slam final.  She attained the ranking by grinding out a ridiculous number of tournament appearances just to collect ratings points, relying on a set of shoddy tactics to do so, and she was trained to play in the United States, where she spent most of her teenage years.  So her accomplishments are as much those of the America as of Serbia.

And the saddest thing of all is that Jancovic is by far the brighest star in the Slavic firmament. She has a far more well-rounded game and shows far more personality on court than any other Russian or Serbian player, most of whom behave like robots and rely on totally one-dimenstional games that are extremely uninteresting to watch.  Russia’s new top-ranked player is Yelena Dementieva, known on the tour as “the demented one” because of her bizarre behavior and total lack of a serve.  The plain fact is that nobody wants to watch matches on the final days of grand slam tournaments that involve these players; they are sucking all the life out of the women’s game.

Meanwhile the third Serbian, former world #1 Ana Ivanovic, crashed and burned in the early rounds and lost her #1 ranking to Williams; Jancovic passed her by as well, booting her down to #3.  In the history of tennis, no Russian or Serbian national has ever won a tournament while holding the #1 ranking.  No Russian who resides in country has ever won a grand slam title by beating a non-Russian.

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  1. you are a pathetic looser. oh, yes you are :)

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