Ah, the Glory of Russian Sport!

The Russian definition of high is rather low

The Russian definition of high is rather low

The Associated Press reports:

Track and field’s ruling body wants Ivan Ukhov to explain his conduct at the Athletissima meet in which rival high jumpers said the Russian had been drinking vodka and Red Bull during the competition. Ukhov failed with each attempt to clear the bar Tuesday before being asked to stop competing at the Swiss meet. Meet organizers refused to pay Ukhov’s expenses and have been asked to supply video evidence to the International Association of Athletics Federations. “We will for sure ask for an explanation from the athlete about his behavior and ask that it is not repeated in the future,” IAAF spokesman Nick Davies said in a statement. Alcohol is not classed as a performance-enhancing substance and is not formally prohibited in athletics competition. Ukhov was European Junior Champion in 2005.


One response to “Ah, the Glory of Russian Sport!

  1. Here is the Youtube link in all its glory.

    Ivan makes Putin proud.

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