September 8, 2008 — Contents


(1)  Ethan Burger on the Putin Doctrine (LR exclusive)

(2)  EDITORIAL: Russians bashing Russia

(3)  Annals of Neo-Soviet “Education”

(4)  Third World Russia

(5)  At Least 25% of Russians are Criminals

(6) U.S. Open Recap:  More Russian Humiliation

NOTE:  We are pleased to publish today, original to La Russophobe, an op-ed by the eminent Russia scholar Ethan Burger. This material might just as well have appeared in a major newspaper, but Professor Burger has chosen our forum to air it.  We welcome other submissions from those who wish to speak out on Russia, and offer distinct benefits compared to conventional newspapers:  We can publish at any length, insert hyperlinks to source material, and allow complete freedom of speech.  We can also publish anonymously if desired.  Contributors have control over comments published on their posts.  Submit by e-mail to

NOTE:  Items 3-5 in today’s issue make for a devastating, conclusive condemnation of Vladimir Putin’s Russia. Across every sphere of social and economic life, Putin has failed to serve the needs of the Russian people — even as he provokes and alienates the outside world with his misguided foreign policy.  Nobody can peruse these three items and come away with any conclusion other than that Putin is Russia’s worst enemy.  Our editorial shows, encouragingly, that there are those in Russia who clearly understand this.

NOTE:  Check out a great piece on the dangers of “Putinism” in the context of the Katyn massacre over at Pajamas Media.

One response to “September 8, 2008 — Contents

  1. I wasn’t quite sure where to put this, but here’s an interesting tidbit, to say the least: Russia Today fired a correspondent for reporting that the Russian airplanes had bombed Gori.

    It’s not the latest news (August 10), but the update is where the firing of the 25-year old reported William Dunbars is reported.

    LA RUSSOPHOBE RESPONDS:Thanks Elmer, great tip! We’ve blogged it.

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