EDITORIAL: Russians Bashing Russia


Russians Bashing Russia

The United States gave it to Russia with both barrels over the weekend.

With U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney in Ukraine and loudly denouncing Russian aggression and imperialism, the U.S. warship Mount Whitney sailed into the Georgian port of Poti with relief supplies even though it is still being held by Russian stormtroopers. It was an in-your-face moment Russia was just as helpless to do anything about as was tiny Georgia when Russian tanks rolled in.  How does that feel, Russians?  “President” Medvedev whimpered: “I wonder how they would feel if we now dispatched humanitarian assistance to the Caribbean, suffering from a hurricane, using our navy.”  Maybe they’d feel like sinking those ships, and do it — except that the U.S. hasn’t really rolled tanks into any Caribbean countries lately, has it? But if that’s how you think about the Whitney, Dima, excellent. Mission accomplished. So go ahead, Dima, sink the Whitney and block its delivery of humanitarian aid if you have the guts and the ability. Show the world what Russians are made of. And while you’re doing that, ask yourself how Russia would have felt if America behaved in Chechnya the way Russia has behaved in Georgia.  Ask yourself why U.S. warships are in the Black Sea, where they weren’t in July. But Medvedev wasn’t pondering those questions, nor did it appear there was any connection whatsoever between his brain and his mouth.

We have to admit, it’s rather startling to see the whole world — including many Russians themselves (Putin even lost his title of Russia’s sexiest man to, of all people, Boris Nemtsov) — talking about Russia in exactly the way we have been doing ever since April 2006 when this blog was founded (even far off Australia is considering repudiating its deal to sell uranium to Russia; it should do so). Then, we stood virtually alone in the world sounding the clarion call of warning.  Now, we’re conventional wisdom, even in Russia.

Let’s take a look at what three Russians are saying about their country these days.

Writing in the Moscow Times last week, Russian Yulia Latynina stated: “Russia’s resources also cannot be compared to those of the West. This is because Russia has nothing but oil and gas. Our stores sell Turkish clothes, Chinese electronics, Indonesian sneakers, Finnish toilets, Taiwanese cell phones, and so on. Even cement is now cheaper to import from abroad than to produce in Russia.”  She then said Russia was “turning itself into a terrorist enclave” and pointed to its support from Hamas and Hezbollah, alone, on it the Georgia invasion as proof.

Then came Former Supreme Court deputy chairman Vladimir Radchenko, writing in the Kremlin newspaper Rossiiskaya Gazeta.  As reported by the MT, he stated that between 1992 and 2007, more than 15 million people were found guilty of crimes — the equivalent of one-quarter of the male population and one-tenth of the total population.  He concluded: “Our own historical experience shows that excessive harshening of criminal legislation and strengthening of the punitive system gives the opposite result.”

After that there was economics proffesor Konstantin Sonin, who stated in his MT column that if Russians could not admit their performance at the Beijing Olympics was questionable “there is a danger that instead of making this a ‘Russian century’ in which the country plays a leading global economic and cultural role, we could end up with a repeat of the 20th century, when the Soviet Union wasted resources on a senseless arms race and on competing with the West.”  He observed:

When comparing Russia’s economic progress with that of the United States and other developed nations over the past 100 years, the picture is not rosy. Russia’s per capita gross national product was a bit less than 30 percent of the United States’ in 1908, and it remains about the same in 2008. Stalin’s repressions and two world wars definitely took their toll on the country’s economic development. Russia must do better in the 21st century.

Russians, of course, know few of the real facts about their national performance because their leaders keep lying about them.  And indeed, you certainly will not find Sonin, Radchenko or Latynina being featured on any national television broadcasts, since all the TV networks are owned and operated by the Kremlin.  Instead, you’ll find the Kremlin spewing out new textbooks rationalizing Stalin and explaining what a misunderstood genius the greatest mass-murderer of Russians in history really was.

And all this ignorance occurs for just one reason: Because the cowardly denizens of Russia invite and encourage it. Suppose we were to awake tomorrow to the news that all three of these courageous Russians had been assassinated, just like Anna Politkovskaya before them.  Would the Russian people rise up and demand justice?  Or would they turn their backs and allow the Kremlin, once again, to sweep the whole nasty business under the fetid carpet of dicatorship?

Anyone even vaguely familiar with Vladimir Putin’s Russia knows the answer only too well.

8 responses to “EDITORIAL: Russians Bashing Russia

  1. I recently posted this short recommendation about ‘La Russophobe’ on a couple of my own blogs that deal with topics that are relative to the Russian Threat.

    Someone, somewhere, was once quoted as saying “All that is necessary for EVIL to PREVAIL is for ENOUGH GOOD MEN to DO NOTHING!”

    La Russophobe is a ‘THORN in THE SIDE’ of
    such evils.

    Congratulations on a job well done.

    Here’s my post:

    All you ‘NEED to KNOW’ about Russia

    As Russia continues on it’s path of intimidation, disruption and aggression, more and more people are becoming aware of the fact that the ‘Russian Threat’ to our way of life in the ‘FREE WORLD’ is very real.

    The truth of the matter is that Russia is our enemy.

    The ‘Real’ Russia (as opposed to Russia’s often ridiculous self portrayals) is that of a nation of thieves, plunderers and murders. I state this without any exaggeration.

    In my opinion, ‘The’ most accurate and informative source of information available can only be found at


    I strongly recommend La Russophobe to ALL who seek the truth!


  2. I wonder if Russia would have been better off if Yavlinsky had become president? What if Russia had concentrated on developing its intellectual talent and built a silicon valley to rival California’s? What if Russia had decided not to depend on natural resources as its economic engine but just a source of capital to expand its industrial base? One wonders what Russia could have achieved if the country had taken such a path and joined in the league of free nations. How much humanity would have profited from such a development. It all could have been a reality. Unfortunately, Putin and Medvedev chose a different path — the easy way. Russia and the world are worse off for it.

  3. LR, I agree with Mykolas, and wish you safe passage through all your endeavors.

    You have demonstrated courage, something that few people will ever understand, and you have an army behind you.

  4. Just to expand on Mykolas’s theory about russia, it is not a great strech to apply the same oppressive principles to the militants that worship in the name of allah.

    I’m not religious myself, but jesus did warn the world of false prophets.

    That argument is not exactly conclusive, however, the people that worship under the collective name of christianity tend to be more accepting, and forgiving than their islamic counterparts.

    Living in a christian country, I have never been forced to witness a stoning, beheading, lashing, or even a crucifiction.

    There are many countries that practice these atrocities to this day. The common thread is, they are all financed and armed by none other than… da duh duh da… RUSSIA.

    You may think I’m lying, but then you would be wrong.

  5. Interestingly enough, United States was also financing and arming the very same islamic militants, let’s say in Afghanistan, including Bin Laden’n’Friends, or lending a hand to Saddam in helping wage a brutal and devastating war with Iran, but in this here arguments that seems to completely evade memories of participants.

    P. S. Sorry to break a party, it must be so nice to be preaching to the choir.

    LA RUSSOPHOBE RESPONDS: Dude, you’re an amazing ignoramus. We have no idea who you are talking to or what you are talking about. Learn how to comment on a blog before doing so. But we’re happy to publish your Russophile gibberish, it makes our point pretty effectively!

  6. Ha-ha. “We”, the king? I was referring to the comment right above. For exceptionally gifted I repeat: when bad, bad Russians arm, finance, or otherwise support Islamic militants (or Christian militants, like, say, in Jugoslavia, whatever works, you know), it’s evil. But when good America arms, finances or otherwise supports Islamic or other terrorists, puppet dictatorships it’s okay for all means are just in whatever crusade is being waged.

    Obviously, due to inherent axiomatic evilness of one empire and likewise axiomatic righteousness of the other.

    * * *

    Also, I have a proceedings inquiry. Is it customary here to brand anything contrarian to the “party line” of this blog, if I may, and disregard any dissenting opinion? I imply that I would like to participate in civil discussion, not in sensless mudslinging.

    P. S. I have to apologize for my ornate musings in spirit of venerable Mark Twain, but I beleive in elevating the discussion with sophisticated rethorics, rather then predigest simple thoughts for simple minds. So, I request of you to slow down, read and comprehend attentively, with respect to the opposing party, if such common courtesy wouldn’t impede you in any significant way, of course.


    No, “we” the many people who produce this blog, the blog you obviously are totally unfamiliar with having failed to read it before commenting. We speak with one voice when responding to comments, you blockhead, as do all newspapers in writing editorials. Instead of asking what is customary, why don’t you ACTUALLY READ THE BLOG before trying to write on it? Your ignorance and rudeness is truly startling, and your weird stilted English is simply funny. You’re babbling gibberish, whether you know it or not.

    Your first comment was haughty, supercilious and contemptuous, to say nothing of mind-bogglingly arrogant and condescending. Do you consider “ha-ha ‘we’ the king” to be indicative of a desire for civil discussion? Do you realize that we, not you, own this blog — that you are a GUEST here? If you think that is the way to invite respectful dialogue, you need to have your head examined.

    When Chechnya wants freedom, it’s evil. When Ossetia wants it, it’s essential morality. Right? You do realize that this post is about GEORGIA, right? You do think at least a LITTLE before you try to write on someone else’s blog, don’t you?

    America is not criticizing Russia’s provision of weapons to Syria and Iran because they are Islamic, butg because they are sworn enemies of the United States. How would Russia like if it America starts supply the same weapons to Ingushetia and Chechnya?

    You speak about America and Russia as if they are equals, but they are not. America’s population is twice the size of Russia’s, its economy is 12 times larger and its military budget is 20 times larger. Moreover, America has many powerful allies and Russia has none. You can go on spewing your ignorant neo-Soviet propaganda all you like, but your fate will be no different than that of the USSR.

  7. I’ll ignore all the blabber, for it does not insult me, rather than the author(s) himself (themselves).

    Let’s go over some points, though.

    When Chechnya wants freedom, it’s evil. When Ossetia wants it, it’s essential morality. Right?

    Ahall we add Kosovo to that equation? By the way, I’d like to point out, that I’m not the biggest fan of Serbia and Russia’s support of it, and was somewhat in favour of Kosovars. However, for the sake of argument, it must be discussed as well.

    You do realize that this post is about GEORGIA, right? You do think at least a LITTLE before you try to write on someone else’s blog, don’t you?

    I was merely replying to the notion of seanquixote right above my first comment. According to you, it was off-topic, since there was no direct reference to Georgia, however, it didn’t elicit reaction as violent as mine did. It didn’t elicit any reaction from the “editorial staff”, for that matter.

    America is not criticizing Russia’s provision of weapons to Syria and Iran because they are Islamic, butg because they are sworn enemies of the United States. How would Russia like if it America starts supply the same weapons to Ingushetia and Chechnya?

    I did mention Afghanistan, didn’t I? And the way Saddam turned from friend to foe.

    America has many powerful allies

    Georgia, Romania, and that single troop that Iceland had withdrawn? Seriously though, if America was that strong, wouldn’t Abrhams tanks be rolling through the streets of Moscow by now for the sake of all what’s best for the free world and humanity in general?


    You don’t have the intelligence of a lemon.

    (1) Kosovo was freed by agreement among many nations. Which nations agreed in advance with Russia’s decision on Ossetia? NONE, you baboon.

    (2) The goal of comments on this blog is to respond to the post, not the other comments. This is not a discussion forum. Read our COMMENT POLICY, you illiterate gorilla.

    (3) Afghanistan was not the enemy of the USSR. It merely refused to be subjugated by it. Saddam has nothing whatsoever to do with Russia. You ignore the point entirely and babble like a chimp.

    (4) What makes you think Moscow is interesting to America? After Napoleon arrived, he found nothing of interest and left. But U.S. warships are in the Black Sea, didn’t you notice? And Russia stands alone, while you babble crazy nonsense like a monkey, just as was done in Soviet times.

    Have fun in your crazy dreams, they won’t last long.

  8. The Ug, congratulations, you have pointed out the downfall of democracy. If it was up to the REAL General, George Patton, the soviet union would have been as red as it’s flag.

    Your country has constantly been an obstacle to freedom and democracy. Supporting the worlds tyrants and dictators makes you as guilty as the infants that pull the trigger.

    I know you have a vaulted view of yourself, as any socialist does, but how could you possibly support tyranny, corruption and murder.

    May god have mercy on your soul.

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