EDITORIAL: Serge Schmemann Blows it (Again)


Serge Schmemann Blows it (Again)

We’ve pointed out the malignant activities of Russophile scum bag Serge Schmemann, editorial page editor of the International Herald Tribune on several prior occasions.  We’re not the only ones who see the gaping flaws in Schmemann’s “analysis” of Russia by any means, and now the New York Times itself (IHT’s parent) has caught him in the act.

On August 22nd, Schmemann penned a book review for the Times headlined:  “To Russia with Love.”  The book was an account of a Soviet spy named Cy Oggins.  In it, Schmemann claimed that Oggins had been executed by Stalin because the dictator believed he had been “turned” by the West.  False.  In fact, Oggins was killed because he new too much about Soviet espionage to be repatriated. Schmemann also misspelled the name of Oggins’s wife and published a photograph with an erroneous caption claiming a mugshot was dated to the night of Oggins’s execution.  The Times was forced to append an embarrassing correction of this set of three shamelessly sloppy errors by its own editor. Think Schmemann insisted on apologizing for his profusion of gaffs? Think again. If the editor is this bad, can you imagine the quality of those Schmemann hires and supervises? We hardly dare to try.

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg as far as the accuracy of Schmemann’s review is concerned.

Schmemann begins by making a really sick joke out of the Valerie Plame scandal, including a truly sick shot at the New York Times reporter who spent time in prison (something Schmemann himself has surely never done) to protect her source.

He then continues this highly inappropriate tone as he discusses Stalin’s camps and the desperate espionage of the cold war, saying that the author can “hardly be blamed for his enthusiasm.”  Apparently, Schmemann has not been reading the papers and is unaware that the current leader of Russia is a proud KGB spy imposing a draconian crackdown on civil rights and liberties in Russia.  He seems to want to contend that all that is a dreary past that his long gone, one that truly erudite and evolved humans (like himself) are bored with hearing about.

Then come all those reading errors, which clearly show he didn’t even pay attention to the text he was being paid to review. The irony is simply delicious when he then writes:

“Surmises” is the key word here, because on this, as on far too many other things, Meier really doesn’t know. And therein lies the problem with “The Lost Spy.” We know where Oggins was at some junctures of his life. We meet a few of his friends (most notably Sidney Hook, the Marxist-turned-anti-Communist philosopher), examine a few grainy photographs and rummage through some Soviet and American official documents. But we never really get close to Cy Oggins.  Page after page, Meier tells us what Oggins might have or could have or should have known, felt, witnessed or concluded. “No document records that Cy and Nerma stood among the fighters, but it is hard to imagine them missing the chance.”

This kind of mess of hypocrisy and stupidity is what the USSR used to produce with metronomic regularity.   Schmemann states, as if uncovering the Watergate scandal:

Meier uses the subjunctive mood to signal the reader that he is often just guessing. But, alas, he doesn’t use it often enough. There are stretches of the story in which it’s not clear whether Meier is reporting, speculating or inventing. Oggins’s arrest, for example, is recounted in graphic detail: “By the time the doors of the voronka opened, Cy was in darkness. Two men hoisted him by either arm and took him in, stopping only at the receiving room. Cy stood as a clerk wrote down his name and the date and place of birth.” How does Meier know? He would know how such arrests usually took place, since there is ample literature on this. But where did he learn that “as he sat in his cell, Cy could not help but return to the past”? The text offers no clue, and neither do the notes.

Maybe the text offers no clue because nobody in the world except this weird freak cares about such a thing.  And maybe the freak only cares about it because he wants to grasp for any possible way of denigrating a book that would remind readers what a horrifying place Russia really is, just at a time when a Russophile collaborator like this one would least be interested in that occurring.


4 responses to “EDITORIAL: Serge Schmemann Blows it (Again)

  1. Wow! Like father, like son! goes the old saying. His famous clerical father , the world-famous author of many books related to Eastern Orthodoxy, seems to have trained his son well, in his pro-communist and lying habits. His father was the famous churchman, Archpriest Alexander Schmemman….who was the main clerical engineer to hand over the Russian Metropolia Orthodox Church in America, to the KGB-Moscow Patriarchy’s supervision, in the 1970
    “Autocephaly”…in which the American church recognized the validity/and thus, it’s superior position OVER the American body, of the Stalin 1943-created Moscow-based pseudo-church, and it’s “Patriarch”. This, betrayal, Alexander Schmemman consumated in the dark, while he told us in the parishes, in that church in America: “We got the one-upmanship over the Kremlin, we ‘fooled them’, we got our independence…and they…got nothing!” This was a total lie! Also, from a close-confidant of Fr. Alexander at his St. Vlads Seminary in New York, Fr. Alexander, the great scholar and author and ‘expert’ on all things churchly, often INVENTED! various of his ‘quotes from church fathers’. (when it was convenient for him)..to support his untraditional unOrthodox/bizarre theories of church-related subjects. His father , who was totally into POWER, simply told many LIES! to further his career. Apparently, his son Serge learned his father’s dishonest ways very well. What a shame! what pathetic lies his son Serge tells. Why doesn’t he just stay in Putin’s Russia! He has lived there, on & off for years, I hear. All that I write here, is well proven info!

  2. Fr. Schmemman also worked for (then) CIA-run Radio Liberty. Now I see that it’s one big conspiracy.

  3. Responce to Travel Fellow & etc.:
    Well Archpriest Alexander Schmemman was a very very complicated person, who often confused those around him as to his exact positions on MANY topics, in religion, politics, etc. In labeling him above as “pro-communist”…I think that that was not the case with him, in further examination. He was into POWER, and thus to get power he had to deal with the power-brokers in the world scene, (“Real-Politic”-?) in this case, with the Kremlin who could give him and his American-Russian-Metropolia Church what he wanted from them, official recognition as a legitamate local church, etc. He loved America! and he laboured to enhance and strengthen “his” American church…to spread…his-version of “The Orthodox Gospel” to all Americans: he had a triumphalist vision of an “Orthodox America”. But too, he wanted to change and overhaul a lot of the 2000 years of the Orthodox Christian faith..hence why he is called a renovationist/heretic by most conservative Orthodox. Unfortunately, regarding his dealings with the Kremlin, he DID indeed think that he had outwitted them, with his “autocephaly” from their hands, etc.
    We know now, that it was A. Schmemman who was outwitted, as for an AMERICAN religious body (albiet a Russian-immigrant-diaspora church, then firmly anti-communist!) to officially recogize the Kremlin controlled Moscow Patriarchy….was a propaganda/political GREAT!COUP /weakened anticommunist “White Russians” world-wide…and one which helped them to further infiltrate the World Council of Churches,,,and thus to spread their communist-propaganda lies…world-wide, especially promoting, “the peace movements”/disarmaments of the western nations, etc. So, the father of Serge Schmemman was a man of immense EGO and hubris, capable to much deception…if it promoted his career. Apparently now, sadly, so is his son. His son used to criticise Moscow!
    The father always bowed to power and money, in the end, principals aside, if they got in the way.But, you are correct, the father was not really “pro-communist” in principal, (at least to all outward evidence), he very much liked American freedoms, capitalism, and all what American attributes many others around the world consider good about America. Also, he was anti-monarchist regarding old Russia. He sympathized with the “Living Church” schism & it’s proposed “reforms” of Russian Orthodoxy. So, I stand corrected on his feelings towards communism, as a system.


    Hope. Hope in the face of difficulty. Hope in the face of uncertainty. The audacity of hope! In the end, that is God´s greatest gift to us, the bedrock of this nation. A belief in things not seen. A belief that there are better days ahead.

    Barack Obama, Keynote speech, 2004 Democratic National Convention

    Sabemos que el diario New York times es uno de los diarios más influyentes de USA, no se a que parte puedo escribir para que nos escuchen, pero clamo a su comprensión Schmemann para que n pueda enviar este correo a donde pueda ser ESCUCHADO.
    El señor Zelaya Rosales para bien o para mal es el presidente electo de Honduras, pero lastimosamente y seducido por el ALBA, empezo a torcer la ley para beneficio propio y del señor Hugo Chavez de Venezuela. al querer aplicar una encuesta denominada “Cuarta Urna” donde expresaba que la misma era para consultarle al pueblo el poner una cuarta urna el día de las elecciones generales del país y así formar una asamblea constituyente en el país. para modificar la constitución en beneficio de los pobres.

    lastimosamente en el fondo esto no era cierto, nuestra constitución puede ser cambiada en un 98% (de 379 artículos solo no se pueden cambiar 7) estos 7 artículos se refieren a: soberanía, tipo de gobierno (república), periodo presidencial, reelección.

    las personas pensantes en este país estabamos viendo con incredulidad que el señor Zelaya Enarbolado en una consigna en beneficio de los pobre intentaba cambiar estos artículos denominados petreos (que no se pueden cambiar y se hizo porque en el pasado nuestro país estuvo cargado de dictadores que se perpetuaban en el poder) lo cual esta sumamente penado por la ley.

    la reelección del señor Zelaya Rosales era seguir los dictados de HUGO CHAVEZ de Venezuela.

    Lo triste de todo esto es que las autoridades nacionales (Poder Judicial, Congreso Nacional, Ministerio Público, Procuradoría General de la República y las Fuerzas Armadas) actuaron conforme a las LEYES DE NUESTRO PAIS:

    si quieren profundizar más pueden leer nuestra consitución y más especificamente ver los artículos 239 y 242 de nuestra constitución (http://www.honduras.net/honduras_constitution.html).

    lo único ILEGAL que se hizo fue sacar al señor Zelaya del país, la orden del poder judicial a las Fuerzas Armadas fue que detuvieran al señor Zelaya para que fuera juzgado, pero la cúpula militar determino que era mejor sacarlo del país para evitar un derramamiento de sangre de los partidarios de Zelaya Rosales (que si bien esta fuera de la ley no dejan de tener razón para evitar un derramamiento de sangre)

    Es lamentable que todos opinen sobre lo que hay que hacer en Honduras, escuchamos y leemos en noticieros diarios y editoriales del mundo sobre pobre hondureños, esos gorilas de los militares, escuchan las mentiras del señor Zelaya sobre como sufren los hondureños, que no hay telefonía con el exterior, que bloquean las señales de la telefonía por cable, que los hospitales estan llenos de heridos, que el país esta detenido, etc. nada más alejado de la REALIDAD, como bien pueden constatar con periodistas imparciales que TODO el país funciona normalmente, si bien hay toque de queda (10:00 p.m a 6:00 a.m.) es para proteger de actos vandalicos que pueden ocurrir y del cual la mayor parte de la población está de acuerdo (este toque de queda están exluidos: periodistas, doctores, enfermeras, personal que normalmente trabaja de noche, etc).

    pues como estaba diciendo es lamentable que todos opinen sobre lo que hay que hacer en Honduras y NADIE ESCUCHA NUESTRA OPINION.

    todo se aplico conforme a LEY (lean nuestras leyes y lo que hizo el presidente Zelaya mediante decretos publicados en el periódico oficial la Gaceta y veran la realidad).


    “se que son un medio independiente e imparcial por favor constaten lo que les he escrito y de ser cierto ayudennos”.

    Ya se escucho al señor Manuel Zelaya en la ONU, OEA, SICA y en todos los noticiaros del mundo, por favor escúchennos lo que quiere la mayoría del pueblo Hondureño.

    Hope. Hope in the face of difficulty. Hope in the face of uncertainty. The audacity of hope! In the end, that is God´s greatest gift to us, the bedrock of this nation. A belief in things not seen. A belief that there are better days ahead.

    Barack Obama, Keynote speech, 2004 Democratic National Convention

    Quien asiste al necesitado goza siempre de la benevolencia de Dios

    gracias por escucharnos

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