The Mailbag: On “Genocide”

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Dear La Russophobe,

One aspect of Russia’s current disinformation campaign a la KGB concerned it’s quick claim of genocide of having been commited by the Georgians on Ossetians.

As someone of Polish extraction my first thoughts were why is Russia using this term so casually and frequently when it does not even recognise the Katyn Massacre as genocide, or for that matter the Soviet deportation of Poles (1 million in 1940) to the Soviet interior and Gulag where half were dead within a year. Men, women, children & the elderly. The victims of casual murder, being worked to death, starved etc.  Under the legal definition of genocide both certainly qualify as genocide.

So my familiarity with the games that Russia past and present play led me to an article which reveals a very clear underlying motive for this Russian claim.  It was headlined:  “Experts: South Ossetia, Abkhazia Have No Right to Secede.”  Here’s the key passage:

“It’s a clear-cut case,” said Andreas Zimmermann, who teaches international law at the University of Kiel. “Even if South Ossetia were to be recognized internationally as a nation and were granted the right to self-determination, this would by no means give it the right to secede, he said.”

“The right to self-determination does not come with a right to secede,” Zimmermann said. “It’s a right to autonomy, to minority rights and the like. It only becomes a right to secede when we’re talking about a situation of genocide, hence when fundamental basic and human rights are no longer guaranteed.”

From reports transgressions have occured on both sides. However it is Cossack (playing to their time honoured traditions) & Ossetian militias that are ethnically cleansing Ossetia of ethnic Georgians and commiting arbitary murder. This while the ‘peacekeepers’ do nothing to prevent that. But as we both know Russian ‘Peacekeepers’ is an oxymoron in this situation as they have been deliberately been stirring this situation up by proxy for a considerbale length of time.

Keep up the good work.

Sincerely yours,


One response to “The Mailbag: On “Genocide”

  1. David Doborjginidze

    Genocide of Ingush people by Russians and Ossetians.

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