August 31, 2008 — Contents


(1)  Ethan Burger on the Georgia Crisis

(2)  EDITORIAL:  Dmitri Medvedev, Shameless Liar

(3)  Another Original LR Translation: Milov on Georgia

(4)  Setting the Record Straight: Ossetia and Russia Started it!

(5)  Bipartisan Condemnation of Russia in the U.S. Senate

(6)  Engaging Russia has Utterly Failed

(7)  Russia Wants Confrontation

(8)  The NYT Scathingly Condemns Russia

(9) Shanghai Group Repudiates Russia on Georgia

NOTE:  Continuing our tradition of offering a wealth of original, exclusive content in addition to our essential news digest, La Russophobe today presents a trilogy of rich material analyzing the Georgia crisis. First, we offer an interview with renown Russia scholar Ethan Burger, who provides in-depth legal analysis. Then, we offer a translation from the virtual pages of, with Nemstov sidekick Vladimir Milov giving insights from the Russian perspective. Finally, our editorial exposes the outrageous fraud being perpetrated by Russian “president” Dmitry Medvedev.  Today’s issue shows what we mean when we say:  “You don’t really understand Russia unless you read La Russophobe.” We welcome contributions by e-mail ( from any source and can publish anonymously upon request.

2 responses to “August 31, 2008 — Contents

  1. With the current events in Georgia, we are getting a real revelation of just how many Russian-Federation propaganda mouthpieces there are, in America and in Europe and in Russia, etc. We all need to carefully note their names, their blog and their email addresses, and also where they live, at least those inside our countries. When open hot war starts between the US and Putin’s -Russia, we need to be able to turn these fifth-columnists into the proper American governmental authorities, for their arrest, deportation, or….execution as foreign enemy agents, in time of war. As far as I am concerned, US governmental authorities need to start forced /speedy deportation of these enemy agents in our midst…NOW! They are above ground now….we know…who they are, so now is the time to cut their heads off. Let them tell their lies, inside their-Russia.

  2. Using soviet social engineering is not the solution for creating prosperity.

    Minding our own business while watching them out of the corner of our eyes is the only way we can show them that they are wrong.

    We don’t need to force them to see that wealth is earned. We show them how.

    We will all be better off because of it.

    If anybody tries to take it from you, their lives are meaningless.

    Shoot to kill.

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