August 29, 2008 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  Olga Ivanova — Liar, or Neo-Soviet Patsy?

(2)  EDITORIAL:  Russian History, Repeating Itself

(3)  EDITORIAL:  The Enemy Within

(4)  Foreign Investors Flee Putin’s Russia

(5)  Flashpoint: Crimea

(6)  The Mailbag

One response to “August 29, 2008 — Contents

  1. I got this link from Neeka’s Backlog. She makes an excellent point.

    Kokoity, drug runner, KGB guy, and counterfeiter, is drinking 3 liters of red wine – “to the Ossetians and to the rooshans.”

    Neeka makes the point that there obviously was no “genocide” in S. Ossetia, since he seems to be celebrating.

    I’m wondering what kind of people support public drunkenness in their “leaders”? Unless it’s like a mafia gang, or a biker gang.

    What next? Peeing on graves to “honor the fallen heroes”?

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