August 25, 2008 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  Lonely Russia

(2)  The Russian Opposition Speaks out on Georgia

(3) Holbrooke on Answering Russia

(4)  Beware of Russian Imperialism

(5)  SWP on “Russophobia”

(6)  Novodvorskaya on the Georgia Madness

(7)  Kozlovsky on Solovyev

NOTE:  The Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has opened a petition to protest against Russian aggression in Georgia. Please sign!

NOTE:  The counter on our new blog here at WordPress has just rolled past the 100,000 milestone, bringing the total number of visitors to La Russophobe since its founding to 380,000.  In that time we have published over 10,000 comments and received over half a million page views.

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