Special Extra — Whale Watching

Some folks in Ukraine support the use of Ukrainian naval bases to attack Georgia. Here's what they look like, courtesy of the New York Times.

Some folks in Ukraine support the use of Ukrainian naval bases to send out warships to attack Georgia. Here is what they look like, welcoming some of those warships back home, courtesy of the New York Times

15 responses to “Special Extra — Whale Watching

  1. Are they welcoming the warships, or the sailors?

  2. Don’t know which is worse, this or Russian guys in Speedos

  3. Sorry, forgot to add–WHALES ON THE BEACH!!!

  4. mooooooo

  5. Battle Axes welcoming warships, ah – Back in the USSR

    Love the picture – Ultimate Salo Services of Russia-led by Mrs Putin with the cane, Mrs Medvedev in pink.

    God save us, even NATO troops would surrender on sight of the new USSR.

  6. marc in calgary

    well if that doesn’t keep the russians out at sea… nothing will.

  7. Half naked old ladies, holding a holy icon of Mother Of God! Does Mary also approve of scantily clad bodies on the beach with her icon in their hands…praising the Godless KGB Putin ganster government’s attack on free (Orthodox) Georgia? Shame on them! Do they ever set foot in any Orthodox church themselves?

  8. What are they so happy about? They obviously haven’t looked in the mirror lately.

    And what does the icon have to do with anything? Holy rooshan oil? Death and destruction in Georgia? 200% body fat? 3 tons of cellulite?

    “Back in the USSR, boy
    You don’t know how lucky you are
    Back in the USSR”

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  10. Stupid-kgbeastky-ugly-old-cows, a main local breed typical of the region – old Gulag’s ‘vertukhais’ daughters, who else? What a shame there is no tsunami there, to wash the lot of them off to the sea! Personally, I am praying for the Earth to open and swallow the whole lot of them, with their putins, medvedevs and the rest of the patriotic-smucks and their billions!


    In a startling development, CNN News has learned that the entire Russian Black Sea Fleet has defected – to Georgia.

    The commander of the Black Sea Fleet, Ivan Getthewhaleoff, issued the following statement: “Today, the entire Black Sea Fleet has defected to Georgia. After seeing what was waiting for them at the traditional home of the Black Sea Fleet in Crimea, the commanding officers and the crew made a unanimous decision to defect. In fact, I issues orders for all officers and crew to defect. We robbed banks and stole bicycles for this and sank Georgian Coast Guard ships for this? Al-Qaeda offers 72 virgins – we bomb Georgia, and we get this? The hell with it. We defect.”

    While CNN News could not talk to President-for-Life Putin directly, CNN News obtained the following official statement from his office:

    “President-for-Life Putin is aware of the defection of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. He says he doesn’t blame them, given that he is fooling around with a 23-year old rhythmic gymnast himself, and has posed with his shirt off to try to impress the young woman.”

    The official reaction of the White House was:

    “We can’t way we blame them. We’ve instructed our Navy to do the same, should they ever come home to something similar.”

    Worldwide reaction was similar.

    CNN News

  12. Puh lease. Have you been to any restaurant in the USA lately. The diabetic epidemic is out of control

  13. The last time I checked, people in the restaurants in the US were not welcoming warships back.

    Nor were they claiming that Georgia, or any part of the Caucasus, is “part of the US.”

    Nor were they handing out US passports like candy in the Caucasus.

    Nor were they wearing bikinis.

    Why are these rooshan lard-butts waving rooshan flags and smiling?

    Because a rooshan warship just bombed Georgia for no reason.

    Only a sick rooshan mentality could think that’s great.

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  15. I got this link from a friend.

    If you go here:


    you will see that they are selling various goods “liberated” from Georgia.

    They have also re-posted the picture of the tubs of lards, but this time they are “peacekeeping models.”

    One of them is now holding a price list, instead of an icon, one of them is holding a fork (vilochka), and one of them is holding a bicycle. And one of them is holding a toilet seat.

    You know, the ones that the rashan “peacekeepers” brought with them on top of their tanks all the way from roosha into Georgia. (See link on YouTube of rashan soldiers stealing bicycles in Georgia).

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