Special Extra — Say “NO!” to Sochi 2014

Russia does not deserve to be an Olympic host!

Russia does not deserve to be an Olympic host!

Help shut down the Sochi 2014 Olympics. Click here to learn how you can help.

22 responses to “Special Extra — Say “NO!” to Sochi 2014

  1. Commendable and it might actually work. The boycott of the Beijing Olympics failed because too much money has been invested by big corporations in making them succeed, and the Chinese government works with those corporations. But there’s less money in Russia, and the multinationals that have invested there are beginning to fear Putin.

  2. How much did Randy Scheunemann’s firm pay for this website again?

    LA RUSSOPHOBE RESPONDS: How much did Vladimir Putin pay for you?

  3. Why would we want to move the Olympics from Sochi? Georgia attacked S. Ossetia first. Sucks for them if S. Ossetia had a big friend who came to their aid. Small countries should be bright enough not to start wars they can’t finish.

    LA RUSSOPHOBE RESPONDS: Please stop lying, Mike. Ossetia launched an attack on Georgia, Georgia called for a cease fire, Ossetia ignored it, then Georgia went in. It did EXACTLY what Russia did in Chechnya, and then Russians said other countries had to stay out of its territory. Hypocrisy!

    We should boycott the games because they aren’t safe. Now the Caucus is full of people who hate Russia and will do terror at the games.

    We should boycott because Russia attacked OUTSIDE of Ossetia, bombing Gori and seizing a port far from the trouble, and also moved into Abkhazia where there was no trouble at all.

    We should boycott for the same reason we boycotted the Soviet games after Afghanistan.

    We should boycott because Russia didn’t talk to NATO or the UN before acting, as the US did in Iraq.

    That’s why we should, and that’s why we will. Because it will send a message loud and clear to the people of Russia that their barbaric aggression against a tiny country is unacceptable and uncivilized.

  4. I didn’t lie about anything. S. Ossetia didn’t “launch an attack on Georgia”, it was the sam pot-shots the two sides had been taking against each other for years. Georgia is the one who tried to use it as an excuse to invade and end their dipute through military means.

    “Now the Caucus is full of people who hate Russia and will do terror at the games.” Uh, aside from the poor English, what’s this “now” stuff? You mean as opposed to the golden days of the earlye 90’s, when all of the people in the Caucuses held hands and sang Russian songs?

    Also, Russia did “talk” to the U.N. before the invasion by requesting a condemnation of Georgia’s actions, which was rebuffed.

    I look forward to your next histrionic and ind insulting response!


    Mike B


    So Mike, are you implying that your attack on our language skills (bad as they are, funny that we publish a major blog and you don’t, isn’t it? how ironic!) isn’t “insulting” or “histrionic” but a good example for us to follow? Dude, XYZPDQ! You’re just making yourself look simple with these desperate, childish remarks. It appears you don’t realize the extent of your own insignificance. Not good!

    It wasn’t the same pot shots, it was a massive full-frontal assault. You are a boldfaced liar.

    Are you suggesting that Russia asked the UN to move into Ossetia? In fact, you are lying if you are. Russia has obstructed any foreign involvement in Ossetia from the beginning.

    You offer no links to any published material to support your gibberish, only your own ridiculous pseudo analysis. That’s why we’re bloggers and you’re just a silly little insect who leaves dropping like comments that mean nothing to anyone.

    And that will be the story of you, little boy.

  5. Russia does not desrve Olympics! Russian gov does not belong to civilized society. They will sell their mother for a bottle of vodka including Putin.
    And for you MIKE wherever you are from, looks like you speak only one language and you should not be attacking someone’s language skills especially if that language is their second language. I bet you speak only one language and no other. What a pity! Travel to Georgia, people speak at least two langauages. And they are more educated than you can even dream of.
    SO make comments that are pertinent to this website!

  6. There are too many people who also share the willingness of shutting down this olimpic games. Do any one now that this city and the entire south-kuban region was for people called themself Cerkes ( Circassians, Adegha), who were massacred and banished from this region by russia in 1864. They will support you with this mevement, but let them know about it.

  7. Let’s join forces, and reform the Olympics. Hold the IOC accountable!!!



  8. Russia saved Ossetia from Georgia.

    watch this video

  9. ThisBlogoPhobe

    Support the Olympic Games i n Sochi!

    Help shut down this blog!

  10. Haha this website fails.

  11. ForSochiOlympics

    I agree with ThisBlogoPhobe. Personally I’m very excited to be going to these olympics, and you shouldn’t be trying to shut them down. It’s Russia’s turn, and they deserve it.
    Just because something happened in the past, doesn’t mean it will happen again.

  12. first of all, american will be saying that russia atacked (georgian president had big hope bush will back him up….. ) and russian will say georgia atacked first…. if all that had to do with olympic games … ok lets ban it in russia … russia killed so many people in chechnya and georgia…. and concidering how many people us killed in afghanistan and iran …. should the whole american sportsmen be banned to taking a part in games…. i think that unfair… olympic games from ancient time had a tradition no war during the games … how can u connect banning the game that stops any war by complaning that country had killed people, nearly all countries in world had war so what then stop tha games or move them to moon?…… GET A LIFE

  13. We won’t get anywhere with mending foreign relations by boycotting the Olympics. This is the one time every 2 years where the world can come together. Russia is a beautiful country with an interesting language. Their history may be less than stellar, but when you’re surviving on nothing like they were way back when, dragging their feet behind the other countries who were conquering the world, you can’t exactly blame them for the comunism and whatnot.
    As for Georgia, that’s come and gone. Frankly, you can protest the Olympics in any country you want. No one’s history is clean. Where do we move it to? The US? Let’s face it- we aren’t much better off. How so? Hmm, let’s see… Iraq? Afghanistan? Cancelling the Olymics is out of the question, obviously. If you did that, more people would protest that than the Sochi games.
    Seriously, if we try to get along, we’ll get somewhere. Call me a dreamer for thinking the Olympics can change the world, but it might get us closer to mending relations.
    As for Bejing… they’ve got a looong way to go before they achieve free market status. The reason those Olympics went the way they did is because China is in the process of changing. If we had held the Olymics in Russia dring the days of the USSR, it would probably be similar.
    Personally, I do envy those who get to go to these Olympics. I love the Russian language. I’d do anything to at least visit. Also, you’ve gotta be smart about this… snow was melting in *Canada* this year. I doubt that’ll happen in Russia. General Winter will make sure of that.
    This makes me sick, in a way. If you want peace, don’t protest an attempt to make relations better. Start accepting other cultures and try to mend relations as opposed to holding things over each other’s heads.
    Think about the youth of the countries you live in. Do you want them raised thinking that protests are the way to go? That a past makes the country good or bad? This is what’s wrong with America. We still think of Germans as Nazis, even thoguh the war ended over 60 years ago. Are we really going to start this with Russia?
    But if you still want ot protest, go to Switzerland and complain to them. Forgive, accept, move on. Sochi 2014!

    • Thank you for reminding people the olympics are for the world and should be shared… No country can claim to be stellar clean.
      The olympics is a chance to see, feel and live the culture of a country – through this alone, you can better understand a nation with the good and bad. And if we all focus on just the ugly side of things… How can we ever see the good.

  14. Also, unless you are a Georgian, you can’t really butt in and expect to think that your opinion is justified. What if Georgia wants to make amends? What if they just want to go on with their lives? Unless you’ve lived in Georgia for the past 3 years, you can’t tell weather or not the Olympics should be held there.

    • Actually I have lived in Georgia for the last 3 years.

      Meanwhile, the Olympics are being held in Sochi, a region originally populated by Circassians and Georgians, until the Russian army committed the worst genocide of the 19th century by killing or deporting 90% of the Circassian people, then during the first two decades of the 20th they committed ethnic cleansing against the Georgian population.

      Tell me why Georgians should “make amends”? It is the Russians who should be making amends for 250 years of repression, mass murder, and ethnic cleansing done to the people of the Caucasus.

  15. Thanks very interesting post. If you are interested:
    Site is dedicated to the changing of the Olympix’2014 basic state because of the wide-spreading terrorism in Russia.

  16. нахуй иди LA RUSSOPHOBE

    LA RUSSOPHOBE i suggest you shut this blog down its becoming annoying once i look for pictures of my home town there is always a little tiny prick of a picture that pops up that leads to this site. Everyone knows the truth by now Russia never attacked anyone, once Georgia launched their assault on South Osetia, Russia being an ally to Osetia North and south moved in to help evacuate the civilians and assist local officials in driving out georgian troops from Osetia. Now please stop being an asshole about things you know nothing about so please just admit that there are no russian conspiracies and there never will be USSR is long gone and LENIN and STALIN are dead enough playing the same game on and on and go worship your Furer MR. BUSH but do so after shutting this blog down, enough said.

  17. Spoken like the true foul mouthed ‘Ruskie’ fascist communist that you are!

    And why don’t you, like your obscene alias “нахуй иди” go there yourself?

    As Stalin said, you comrade are “a fine man with a big head but apparently a small brain.” Ha, ha, ha.

  18. Oh, people speak too much. I guess not one of you haven’t been there. Georgia attacked Ossetia! This is the truth. And Sochi 2014 is an amazing event. People be sure to check all information you get from TV, sometimes they lie.

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