August 20, 2008 — Contents


(1) EDITORIAL: Русский пофигизм

(2) EDITORIAL: On Being “Russian”

(3) Russia Promotes Organized Crime in Ossetia

(4) Русский пофигизм: Ah, the Glories of the Russian Language

(5) Georgia and the Battered Wife Syndrome

(6) Bolton Blasts Neo-Soviet Russia

(7) Blaming the Victim in Georgia

NOTE: Today’s issue offers multiple opportunities for understanding the Russian mind. First, our editorial (#1) and post #4 explore the strange concept of of “Русский пофигизм.” Then, two other items, #5 and #7, do a wonderful job of examining the psychological underpinnings of the need of some cowardly folks to blame the victim where the Georgia-Russia conflict is concerned, and are required reading for those of us who wish to avoid the mistakes of the past. Finally, our second editorial (#2) delves into the hypocritical depths of Russian racism.

One response to “August 20, 2008 — Contents

  1. NPR radio reports that while the media is around in Georgia, the Russians make a small show of pretending to leave Georgia. When the media leave, they move back.

    While the West contemplates what to do about Russia, Russia has started yet another trade war – with Ukraine – as “retaliation” for “disobeying” maskva.

    They are threatening an economic impact of “billions” of dollars.

    When it comes to government, roosha knows only one thing – brutality. Nothing constructive – just death, destruction, insults, intimidation, threats and Goebbels-like propaganda.

    All for the benefit of only a privileged few – Vlad Dracul Putin and his buddies.

    In Georgia, you can’t get any Georgian radio or TV stations – only one rooshan channel.

    “nyet, nyet, nyet” and death and destruction – that’s roosha.

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