One Photograph is Worth a Thousand Screams

The Georgian women bury their dead

The Georgian women bury their dead (New York Times)

In Gori, the bodies pile up in heaps in a pickup truck

In Gori, the bodies pile up in heaps in a pickup truck (New York Times)

As Russian tanks roll in, Georgian women beg for mercy

As Russian tanks roll in, Georgian women beg for mercy (New York Times)

Clicking on the photos will enlarge them.

12 responses to “One Photograph is Worth a Thousand Screams

  1. Why don’t you show anything from the Ossetians that were killed?

    LA RUSSOPHOBE RESPONDS: Why don’t you suggest something with a link? Bit hypocritical, aren’t you?

  2. 1)I didn’t post anything with a link because I know you have already seen/read it and are deliberately hiding it.
    2) I refuse to cite anything that contains people killed out of respect for the dead. Judging by your post on Solzhenytsin you obviously have none.
    3) Because the destruction in Tskhinvali has been shown from a number of western media including the BBC and I am not prepared to engage in your neo-conservative deconstructionist argumentation which aims at questioning the obvious.
    4) But anyway here goes
    5) And in case you attempt to deny that Tskhinvali was ever attacked by Georgia read this.
    The title alone should be enough.

    LA RUSSOPHOBE RESPONDS: Apparently you think that only Georgians did damage to Ossetia. That’s simply not true. Russians inflicted massive damage with their attack to oust Georgia from the region. We don’t focus on facts that we consider insignificant, according to our editorial judgment. You are free to disagree and create your own blog and focus other facts (but we doubt you have what it takes to do so). We don’t focus on your life story, and if you think that makes us biased, so be it. We think you biograph is too insignficant to trifle with. Nobody can cover every single fact about Russia, only those they think are most important. That is the purpose of a blog.

    Howeve, we don’t deny that Georgia attacked Ossetia and killed Ossetians, we’ve posted a clear chronology that recognizes this, and everybody knows it. What you fail to understand or recognize is that Ossetia is PART OF GEORGIA and EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD says so. Russia has absolutely no basis in international law to use military force in Ossetia, much less in Georgia proper (prior to the conflict it shot down a Georgian aircraft and fired a missile into Georgia with no military response from Georgia at all). The fact that you can only respond to proof of Russian atrocities in Georgia proper by talking abou what Georgia did in Ossetia proves that there is no defense, hence you try to change the subject. All Georgia was doing in Ossetia was quelling a firefight that Ossetian rebels started. It was doing EXACTLY what Russia did in Chechnya. Then Russia responded by invading Georgia proper, an act which has been condemned by all the major nations of the world.

    By the way, your hysterial, delusional and paranoid statements do not win you much respect with anyone. We’d suggest you try to control them if you want to be taken seriously. If you pause to reflect for a moment, you’ll see that your comments are every bit as one-sided as you accuse us of being, and that’s quite hypocritical. Moreover, while maybe you think that in reporting on Nazi acts in the concentration camps it was necessary for reporters to note all the parking tickets received by Jewish inmates. We disagree, and readers are free to provide information about what occurred in Ossetia by way of the comments if they like. The only reason you’ve done so is because of our urging and facilitation.

  3. here you are, ma’am:

    You’ll find a lot more in this blog:

    Videos featuring corpses of South Ossetian civilians are available on the site of the Russian Vesti TV channel

    LA RUSSOPHOBE: Can’t you cite any establishment media? That’s where our photos are from. “Available on the site” is not very helpful. Can’t you give a specific link to Vesti? Why do you call us “ma’am”? You sound somewhat insane.

  4. 1) Lady, I pointed something out because I felt what you wrote was one sided and biased. I made the comment tacking into consideration what you had already stated, if I wanted to question it I would have done so. I consider it a type of balancing. It was a comment on a thesis not a thesis per se. I was picking up on what I considered hypocrisy, something which you have clearly not understood from your accusations against me in your original response. Never mind, maybe you could look it up in a dictionary together with the term deconstruction.
    2) The fact you focus on what you consider significant is acceptable but also a necessity. What I, personally, find unacceptable is that you consider the fact that Georgians attacked and killed Ossetians, a fact you yourselves do not deny, insignificant. You cannot go bananas over Russians killing Georgians and then consider Georgians killing Ossetians insignificant. This is plain proof of your one-sidedness and hence a very good reason for which you should not be taken seriously. You’re simply as unethical as the Kremlin.
    3) Your personal attacks on me and anybody who disagrees with you are further indicative of your lacking democratic credentials and your hypocrisy. You have written about the Kremlin discrediting people -as insane- in the USSR as a way of obliterating voices of opposition. Yet you rudely accuse someone who disagrees as insane, “hysterical, delusional and paranoid” yourself. By the way how do you know my biograph ( the correct term is known as CV , biograph comes fro m Greek and is not used in English) “is too insignificant to trifle with”? Did you ask me to submit a CV when posting a comment?
    4) Indeed it is my right to agree and focus on what I consider important not only on my own blog- if I ever decide to start one- but also on your own post via comments.
    5) “Howeve, we don’t deny that […] all the major nations of the world.” And you accuse me of ranting?
    a) South Ossetia and Abkhazia have long been de facto out of Georgia’s reach and you can belly-ache as much as you want nothing will change that.
    b) If you consider telling Russia to stop and then going on holiday as a form of explicit condemnation …. I understand your disappointment and disillusionment but I don’t sympathize.

    LA RUSSOPHOBE RESPONDS: Please stop being such a sexist baboon. The person who responded to your “comment” wasn’t female, and neither was the person who wrote the post you are commenting on. Your ignorance is manifest for all the world to see.

  5. innocent bystander

    uhm… “la” russophobe kind of automatically indicates feminine. I have been under the impression that you’re female, too.

    (a condemnation of ‘sexist baboon’ is all you have to say in response to george’s comments at 6:52?)

    LA RUSSOPHOBE RESPONDS: Your mistake is relying on impressions, which is the act of a sexist baboon. If you cared to actually read our sidebar, you’d see that this is a team blog that results from the efforts of many people. The boss is a woman, but I don’t think she’s responded to a comment on this blog in years.

    If you think there’s some substance that needs to be responded to, probably a good idea to say what it is. Otherwise, it seems you are just blowing hot air. Moreover, we have no obligatation to respond in any way to any comments, and most bloggers don’t. We go out of our way to do so, and should be commended for it. To suggest that we are somehow undermined because we ignore a comment is like saying Vladimir Putin is undermined because he refuses to accept our invitation to debate. Please at least try to get a clue.

  6. So a link to a tv video from a Russian station passes as “proof” of alleged Georgian atrocities? Yes, Tskhinvali is in ruins, and the pictures prove that. But the BBC photos you linked to not prove that the Georgians deliberately destroyed it. It hasn’t even been confirmed that Russia’s claims that Georgians deliberately murdered Ossetians are true. You rely on Russian sources, hardly an impartial view. Ever considered the possibility that damage was done when the BATTLE waged between Georgians and the Russians. Or, do yo remember the devestation brought upon Grozny? What about the continuing abuses of Georgian civilians? ARE THE ABUSES SUFFERED BY GEORGIAN CIVILIANS JUSTIFIED BY GEORGIAN ATROCITIES, IF PROVEN TRUE? Do you like “an eye for an eye?”

    If the Georgians are the aggressors here, then why did the Russians violate the cease fire? Why are Ossetian militias and Russians looting Georgian homes?

    Accept the fact that this invasion of Georgia was planned long before. It is impossible for any army to be as well equipped and prepared in such little time after the Georgian incursion into South Ossetia. Why else were the Russians targeting official Georgian websites with cyber attacks?

    Next you’re probably going to say that Russia was justified in threatening to nuke Poland.

    These points are not a “neo-conservative” view. I am a liberal. I even question the right of Georgia to have sent troops into South Ossetia, the action which precipitated the Russian aggression. If Georgians had deliberately targeted Ossetians, it is immoral. But, if Ossetian civilians were killed in the crossfire between militias and Georgian soldiers, it is no doubt tragic, but not worth rooting for a Kremlin regime that targets dissident expatriates or bombs apartment buildings from the air.

    In short, please stop drinking the Kremlin’s kool-aid.

  7. Lady and I repeat lady, I was responding to the “boss”, who according to you IS a woman. Moreover, since she is responsible for this blog, she should take responsibility for the posts on it and that includes irrelevant topic-shifting rants that you label LaRussophobe Responds instead of just taking credit for this blog. If she allows her blog to be humiliated by these responses, so be it.
    It’s amazing though when, having nothing to say, you make it your policy not to respond, despite a look at just about any post indicates (including this one) you probably enjoy engaging in quasi-quarrels.
    Relying on impressions is to a large extent human behavior, ever hard of phenomenology in philosophy? As for the term “sexist baboon”, I can now say you’ve expanded its entry in the next version of the Oxford Reader’s Digest.

    LA RUSSOPHOBE RESPONDS: Listen you ape, the gender of the people who write this blog is totally irrelevant to anyone except a sexist ape, and it’s sad (and quite pathetic) that you can’t see that. You’re a baboon, and we invite you to get lost. Go spew your nonsense on some other blog and prove to somebody else how you know all. To us you’re just a ludicrous freak.

  8. Brian, I understand you are referring to me among others, the BBC photos are proof of Georgian atrocities in as much as LaRussophobe’s photo’s are proof of Russian atrocities against Georgia. Moreover regardless of the preparation, the onus for starting a war is born by those who started a military attack, irrespective of provocations. Nasser of Egypt lost the Six Day War (1967) which started because he sent troops into the Sinai region. Like Saakashvili, he also hadn’t expected a full scale war and was also provoked by the Israelis (Yitzhak Rabin in Yedinot Aharonot 1976). Nonetheless he and the attacking Arab countries
    were blamed and Israel kept the Sinai region until 1978-9. Furthermore another parallel can be drawn her. Israel, even under hardliner Ariel Sharon, attacked Hezballah (Southern Lebanon) only after corporal Shalit was kidnapped, not after the launching of missiles into Northern Israel. Yet Saakashvili sent troops into South Ossetia almost immidiately, something not even Ariel Sharon had never done. How peace-loving and un-provoking does that sound like?

    LaRussophobe: my original points still stand and I must thank you for publicly proving your inability to deal with rationality by diverting the topic to gender. You’re free to be whatever you like, I couldn’t care less , I do however object to your systematic libel and slander and I can assure you I will always find my way to point it out to the public from wherever. I did however have quite a jolly good laugh when you invited me to prove how I know all as being a ludicrous freak according to your “editorial judgment”

  9. So, if we are to understand correctly, nobody on this site is prepared to give a serious response to the detailed and well-argued points put forward by George in his second comment, as well as to the photographic evidence offered by Eugene.
    Your argument about sourcing pictures is simply not valid. Russian reporters and photographers (whatever you might think of them) have covered the extent of Georgia’s military operation in S. Ossetia and some have died in the process it might be added. RIA-Novosti has pictures that can be found as readily as anything from Reuters or AP, but you (woman or man that you may be) have intentionally feigned ignorance of their existence and location.
    As for reporting, consider an article (linked pasted below) by Peter Finn from the WP about the plight of the Ossetian victims of the conflict. The Financial Times has also published a more nuanced account than the one this site has put across (link below).
    You will not feature either these pieces on the actual site proper because you have no interest in the balance and accuracy.
    So please, desist with the constant ad hominem verbal attacks on all those that attempt (vainly) to engage you in adult discussion on this important issue. Admit that you are only interested in one-sided misrepresentation of Russian affairs and everybody will be happy.

  10. Dear LR,

    Thanks a lot for removing the photo of “fearless” president Saaka whose bravery is expressed in his running for his life (although no enemy planes are in view) and trying to eat his tie.


    There never was a photograph of the president on this post, you witless, clueless gorilla. It was here:

    And it is still there. Can’t you pay at least a LITTLE bit of attention to what you are doing? Idiot.

  11. Tower Bolshevik

    Very well put, George! You should see the articles and comments posted on Chechnya. How the blog owners cry crocodile tears for the Chechens. Yet they cheer or dismiss Georgia’s chauvinistic policies over the Abkhazians and Ossetians, who are treated not much different from the way the Chechens are treated by the Kremlin.

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