August 18, 2008 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  Russia is Insane

(2)  Illarionov on Georgia

(3)  One Photograph is Worth a Thousand Screams

(4)  The Wall Street Journal  Stands Up to Russia

(5)  Essel on the Journal

(6)  McCain:  We are all Georgians

(7)  How Georgia Can Fight and Win

NOTE:  Kim Zigfeld’s latest installment on Pajamas Media is up and running. It exposes the stomach-churning lies and utterly empty rhetoric being spewed out by Russian nationals as they scurry to rationalize the Russian invasion of Georgia, in this case one Olga Ivanova writing in the Washington Post. This item occupied the lead position on the powerful Pajamas blog on Saturday, the first time Kim has received that honor and we congratulate her on it.

NOTE:  We have a large number of Russian readers, and we’d like to issue them a challenge.

Last week, the Moscow Times published two op-eds (one, two) defending Russia’s position in the invasion of Georgia.  It also published two critizing Russian aggression (one, two). As Kim notes in her Pajamas piece, The Washington Post has been doing the same. But the MT is a Western-owned institution and while it publishes in Russia it does so in English, a language few Russians speak well. So what we’d like to know is:  Did any major Russian paper do the same? We don’t mean an obscure and largely unavailable paper like Novaya Gazeta, or a mere web-only publication, like Yezhedevny Zhurnal. We mean a real national newspaper in Russia, like Komsomoloskaya Pravda or Izvestia or Pravda.  Did any of them publish a tough criticism of the Putin regime’s policy in Georgia, in particular from an American (the Post published Gorbachev)? If so, please do provide us with the link (by e-mail or as a comment to this post), we’d love to translate and publish it.  If not, please stop complaining so idiotically about “one-sided” Western reporting.

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